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New Fried Chicken Contender in Hoboken!

Getting excellent fried chicken in Hoboken has always been a bit of a difficult task. Such a simple premise, yet no clear winners. Cluck-U is OK in a pinch, but leaves you feeling unfulfilled (and quite violated at times). The new Korean Chicken Factory is great – but only serves legs and wings – not apples to apples.

Well it seems that Joey’s BBQ (916 Wash) takes “Southern Style Fried Chicken” up a notch in the Mile Square.

  • Fried Chicken Pieces: Legs, Thighs, Wings and Breasts. Juicy & moist – and just crispy enough. Decent flavor and your choice of dipping sauces (Honey mustard, BBQ and Buffalo).
  • Jumbo Tenders: Plump and filling. Genuine (real) chicken breast. Ordered a 5-piece ($8) and couldn’t finish but three of them. Stuffed to the gills.

How Joeys does it

For the Chicken “parts,” Joey’s doesn’t just fry them – it’s a two part process.

First, the fresh chicken is pre-cooked and smoked it their BBQ pit. Then, they dredge it in their own “secret selection” of seasonings and flour (ask for extra if you want a more crispy outside). It’s then cooked to perfection in pure canola oil.

The tenders, however, are done by just frying – but equally tasty.

If you haven’t tried them yet – give it a shot, and share your feedback. If you have – how would you rate it?

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