Total disrespect for personal property

One Hoboken411 reader and his daughter just wanted to spruce up the neighborhood with some seasonal decorations – only to have their fun quickly snatched away.

“We spent one day last weekend picking out and buying some seasonal decorations – bale of hay, corn stalks, some gourds and 3 pumpkins, 2 smaller ones and 1 larger one.

My 10 year old daughter was very excited to help us decorate the front steps of our building. We were planning on carving the pumpkins this coming weekend and as most kids usually are, she was really looking forward to this. But Tuesday night, someone thought it was fine to just take the pumpkins from us. Granted, they don’t cost much money and I probably shouldn’t leave them out there overnight knowing what drunks are capable of in this town. But I thought I would be fine until the weekend and would need to bring them in nightly, especially after carving them.

But I was wrong, they last all of two days.

My daughter was so upset she drew up this sign that is now hanging on the front of our building. So beware everyone and as my daughter says “Leave your paws off our pumpkins!”

– Sad and Pumpkin-less