10/30/2008 BUMP:

Just wanted to bump this post from December 2006 – many of you might have missed it… way back in 411′s first year!

spooky.jpgThis should have been put up way back around Halloween, but here we go anyway!

A reader sent in this website with a silly list of supposedly haunted places in New Jersey.

Any other spooky places in town (other than City Hall?) Or other known urban legends that have existed over the years?

Here’s the two from this site:

Arthur’s Tavern - There is supposedly three ghosts who haunt this huge restaurant. There are reports from employees of footsteps, lights going on and off or flickering, doors opening by themselves, a clipboard flying off a desk, whispers, and someone’s hair being pulled.

The Brass Rail Restaurant - The restaurant is over 100 years old. Waiters and waitresses have seen the ghosts of a bride, groom and wedding parties walking down the spiral staircase of the two-story restaurant, late at night, when they’re cleaning up.