What action can you take on a delinquent condo owner?

One Hoboken411 reader lives in a building where one particular unit owner hasn’t paid their condo association dues in ages – and is looking for advice.

“I am looking for advice from fellow Hoboken residents. I currently am part of a eight-unit condo building in Hoboken. The association has had an ongoing problem with one owner who feels that he does not need to pay his homeowners association monthly maintenance fee or any assessments that comes up.

He currently owes the association over $12,000 (this included monthly dues, assessments, legal charges and late fees).

We have had to dip into our pockets on more then one occasion to cover expenses due to his delinquency. We have filed a lien against him (and filed an updated lien recently to reflect new amount owed) which has accomplished nothing.

He currently has a renter in there now, so I know he is at least collecting rent from this tenant. We have sent certified letters and so on. I personally have never met the guy as his brother was occupying the unit at that time when I moved in and who has since moved out I have lived in the building for over 3 years and he has not paid a dime to the association since I moved in. I actually think he has never paid a dime at all since buying the unit. I am under the impression that he purchased this unit and others in the area during the housing boom for a quick flip and resell which obviously didn’t work out for him.

Does anyone have any suggestions, advice on what we can do besides filing the lien? I find it impossible that he can get away with this. We, as an association, are very frustrated. I am also curious to see if there are any other associations in the area that are in a similar situation.

Frustrated on Monroe Street