7/1/2008 Update:

Now we can put a name to a face at this 14th & Washington restaurant: Bin 14 Trattoria Wine Bar.


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6/19/2008 Update:

Progress being made uptown…


5/14/2008 Update:

The old Kelly’s Pub, which has been defunct for quite a while, slowly progresses along. Apparently part-owned by Anthony David’s.

I popped in to see how things were going last week. When do you expect to be open? “At least 2-3 months.” Do you have a name yet? “No.”


1/12/2007 Update:

glasswine.jpgOK, the last rumor that the Basement Bar (doomed – for now) was going to become a wine bar was a little off (it’s just a regular bar + extensive martini menu). But here’s another one for you.

It seems as if the old dusty Kelly’s Pub will now be turned into a wine bar. Apparently the same owners as Uptown Pizzeria.

Many people would love a wine bar, and were a bit let down when the other rumor didn’t pan out.

How do you feel about this?

Notice the sign. “Leave the ‘D’ off for ‘Doomed’”
Description – Bar
Services – Bar, pool
Address – 1314 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-653-9861

kellys pub close sign.JPG

kellys pub closed.JPG