A Hoboken resident has tried to get the city to take bike safety and education seriously, with no results. Therefore, today’s Hoboken411 Reader Mail:

Hoboken not fulfilling bike safety duties

“Today , as on most days, I ran into several cyclist biking down a one way street. I picked what looked to be the most experienced cyclist, who was wearing a helmet with his bike properly loaded w gear. I asked if he was aware that he was going down a one way street. He said yes. When I asked if he was aware that it was illegal he said , “I don’t think so.”

This is an issue I have addressed with City Hall numerous times over the past year. I have written letters and talked with Mayor Zimmer, Director of Transportation and Director of Safety all to no avail. The city continues to promote cycling as a pretty alternative to autos while no public campaign exists to explain the responsibilities of cyclist are same as a vehicle. I have put the city on notice regarding this several times over the past year. They have failed to take action or even respond except to say thanks for your input and basically “isn’t it great seeing families take to their bikes”. No response what so ever regarding the safety issues or lack of cycling ordinances in Hoboken.

It is so disturbing to know the dangers of illegal cycling and watch it only grow in this town. The town has a duty of care and is only increasing the dangers to pedestrians, cyclist and drivers by promoting cycling without ordinances or enforcement. I also consider it a misuse of funds to accept state transportation funds while compromising the safety of the community.

Here’s the statue for those inclined to want proof. NJ Reg 39:4-14.1 Rights and responsibilities of persons using bicycles are those applicable to the driver of a vehicle except as specified.”

An Experienced Biker