Waiting on Cake Boss line must be very boring

Most days in front of Carlo’s Bakery, you’ll see a line of people waiting to get inside “the set” of the cable TV hit series the Cake Boss. The line has evolved over time, from wrapping around the corner – to now crossing the street by CVS (complete with “crowd coordinators” and walkie talkies).

At peak times, the line has been known to approach three hours – making many Hoboken residents wonder how anyone would endure such a wait just for baked goods, or a chance to see cast members of a TV show. But to each their own.

For those that tried debunking what one Hoboken411 reader said last week – you can see that the sidewalk area is indeed a “labyrinth” to navigate.

How do you kill 3 hours for cake?

Here’s a fun afternoon activity for you:

I picked five people standing on line or nearby Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in the photo above – and your assignment is to guess what they might have been saying or thinking at the time (click the photo for large version to “study” their facial expressions).

I’ll get the ball rolling with my quick suggestions:

  1. (Kid staring at those girls): “Hmmm – nice butt. I wonder if she’ll turn around?”
  2. (People way at the end of the line): “Hmmph. This line is nothing – I once waited six hours to get Erik Estrada’s signature!”
  3. (Guy who seems dehydrated): “I wouldn’t be on this line if there weren’t bunch of Irish bars nearby. Yummm. Beer and cupcakes.”
  4. (Two girls just hanging out): “Yeah, like, umm – you know, uh… whatever and then she said….”
  5. (Lady on cell phone managing wedgie): “And I said “what do you mean I don’t get a discount for 100 cupcakes?”"

Would you wait three hours for cupcakes? Ok, what WOULD you wait three hours for?