Hobson’s Choice bids farewell to Hoboken

Today is the LAST day Hobson’s will be open!

Hoboken411 reader Jason does a fabulous job summing it up – and recommends that everyone (even ex-residents) come by today for one last drink:

“Today, Hobson’s Choice will be closing it’s doors. Wayne Hobson started this bar as a place where hard working people could come home after work to their local watering hole, where every one was treated with respect, and drinks were reasonably priced because making money came second to making people of all statuses be able to just have a comfortable place to catch up with friend and make new ones. Did not matter who or what you did, just a good place to unwind. This was a a regulars type of bar, closet thing to Cheers I have ever known. So many friendships, relationships and marriages started there. You always saw the same crowd and you always felt like you were home. Unfortunately, Wayne died on 9/11.

“Many tried to keep the low key friendly environment after his passing but over the years it lost its way and business slowed, These circumstances have unfortunately caused Wayne’s mom to sell. It would be great for all who once called this their home away from home to celebrate all the good memories. Catch up with those they have not seen and thank Ms. Hobson, Johnny, Belinda and everyone else who has worked their, and say thank you for the memories and bonds they made with so many. Anyone who spent time their will never forget this place and the good times it provided us all for years.

I hope the new owners keep the same vibe as it had in its glory days. Where all the workers knew your name and treated as VIP all the time. Most importantly I hope they keep the name and the tributes in the bar to Wayne. Although it is not in his family anymore, would be great to carry out his dream and let the bar keep his memory alive for all time.”

Hoboken’s gets much needed makeover in Hoboken
5/11/2007 Update:


Description – Bar, Lounge close to the PATH station. Bar food price range $9-$13.
Website – hobsonschoiceinc.com
Address – 77 Hudson Pl, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-420-0070, Fax – 201-239-9400

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