Garden Street Lofts

8/7/2008 Progress Update:

Decided to refresh the Garden Street Lofts thread today, since they recently removed the scaffolding from the project, and the area is starting to look better.


Many residents have said they can’t wait until Garden Street from 14th to 15th re-opens. It’ll certainly make driving up there a bit easier.



6/26/2007 Update:

Here are a few construction progress photos. See the rest below.


2/2/2007 Update:

Coldwell Banker indicates that this project is expected to be completed Spring 2008. No exact pricing yet, but they indicate one bedrooms will be priced from the low 600’s, two bedrooms from the low 900’s, and three bedrooms from 1.1 million. Six of the units expected to be released for pre-sale by April 2007.

Is this sheer irony that a “green” kind of apartment complex is being built on 14th and Garden Street? Or was this the marketing plan from the get-go in order to command bigger bucks?


We have nothing against having a building to live in, nor have we contacted the developers to see what the real deal is with this upcoming project. Interesting design, though. Are they keeping the previous facade in order to maintain compliance with the historical requirements of the City. Hard to tell from a rendering.

We’re also for having a nice clean environment. But what would one single “green” building in Hoboken do for the city? Nothing. Especially with 100’s of buses and construction trucks passing by daily. Are they going to be 100% green? Use electric construction equipment? When this gets built, we plan to be there every day taking pictures of the smog created during the building process.

Here’s their website if you want to sign up to learn more. I wonder how many trees they’ll knock down to print the promotional material?

“Live Green” (only if you’re the developer)



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9 years 2 months ago

here’s the article. I remembered reading this awhile back and initially thought “The St. Louis” was ‘this’ building.

It’s mostly about using rainwater.

9 years 2 months ago

whatever… so sick of all these new buildings. People living on top of one another like a bunch of animals. It’s just like living in a hotel. No personality, no charm.

9 years 2 months ago

much more charm in smaller/older/walk-ups.
Obviously not as new and no under ground parking…but more of a ‘home feel’ than a multi hundred unit building with halls as long as hotels.

9 years 2 months ago

The green bit may be a stretch and a sales gimmick, I am happy that they have tried to incorporate the old building.

While the inside may be very minimalist the old facade is all most of us will ever see.

Hope the finished building is a good as the picture.

9 years 2 months ago

Here is more info about the company and what makes the properties “Green”:

Apparently they also redesigned the building where the new NY Sports Club and Washington Mutual will be on 14th Street.