NYSC – Uptown

12/28/2006 Update:

Quick update. They opened early! They’re now calling the members who signed up to advise them to come on down. Unheard of to open before they originally said!

11/17/2006 Overview:
Great news for uptown residents!

The New York Sports Club will be opening just in time to tackle the usual New Years Resolutions. On December 31st, the 14th Street NYSC will finally open. They’re currently accepting pre-opening member sign-ups. Get in there early to get the best VIP rates. The longer you wait, the more you will pay. Call now to inquire about rates. 201-222-5771. You can also sign up online HERE.

nysclogo.gifThe general manager, Jean Anderson, was kind enough to give me a full tour of Hoboken’s most state-of-the-art fitness facility. At approximately 25,000 square feet it’s very open and spacious location with lots of windows. A huge improvement over the cramped basement location downtown. Plasma TV’s with DirecTV, and satellite radio for uninterrupted music to keep things interesting.

Here’s an 14 photo overview:

Free weights- Rubberized so they don’t make that annoying clanking sound.

The Freedom Trainer- Does practically every exercise on earth.

Some recumbant bikes- Apparently with a better posture than other bikes.

Fancy new treadmills- Don’t worry, the balloons will be removed by the time they open.

The usual spinning class- 45 minutes / 600 calories. The pizza will not be surrounded by as much guilt if you take this class regularly.

A nice big group exercise room- Box, step, cardio and more.

Locker rooms- A labyrinth of compact areas. Lockers are wider to accept most gym bags.

A sauna- to sweat the weekends hangovers completely out.

A great “mind & body” room- ambient lighting and a more relaxed “zen” feel to perform pilates on the new reformer machines.

Strive machines- very popular new line.

Two complete express lines- quick full body workouts in 30 minutes for the busy people.

8 treadmills here have fans to keep you cool.

And of course, a kids room with full time qualified caregivers to take care of your children while you workout. The room wasn’t complete yet, but here’s a box of balls which all kids seem to go bonkers for.

As an uptown resident, I’m psyched this place is here. We needed a top-notch gym in this location of town, as an alternative to the YMCA and Supreme Fitness. I’m glad I joined, now I can lose the 20 lbs I gained since starting Hoboken411. Other than the gym, my New Years Resolution should be: “no more bacon”. But that’ll last about 30 days.

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  1. rabulous says:

    On the way back from the post office this morning, I noticed the balloons out front, so I went in to check it out. I failed to read these comments before I went, but I did see the above pix.
    As described above, the facility is very spacious and has a lot to offer. The calendar of classes looks pretty basic: it shows various pilates, yoga, kickboxing, power dance and step classes.
    Considering the location, nice equipment and the facility itself, I thought the $49 initiation and $63/month were very reasonable.

  2. noone says:

    don’t you guys get it??? they know exactly what they are doing… they are trying to get you all in there by advertising these cheap rates. Once your in and your tempted by all the new machinery, they give you the real deal and blame it on a “miscommunication” and 5 out of 10 will go for it anyway. 63 a month is not that bad either. If something smells fishy… it probably is.

  3. Lady says:

    I can honestly say that I have never been to the downtown NYSC because I have heard how “depressing” it is. I stick to the ones in the city.

    Enjoy all the power shakes (aka smoothies you want) but don’t think part of the approx. $100 per month you pay doesn’t come from there. That’s all I’m saying. Some of these gym in town (one in particular) focuses more on the fluff then on the work outs. That’s all I’m saying.

  4. noone says:

    club h is very nice if that’s what you mean by ‘fluff’ but I get an excellent workout there. No one bothers me and I think they have tons of equipment in a motivating atmosphere.

    people just rip on it cause they can’t afford it….

  5. Lady says:

    Noone — please step down from your high horse.

  6. noone says:

    nah, i like it up here.

  7. rabulous says:

    Wow, I’m impressed they opened early. I actually logged onto the site this morning to see whether or not they updated their class schedules. I noticed the earlier dates for classes but thought it was a mistake since they said 12/31 for the official opening. Thanks for the update, 411.

  8. potatochip says:

    I must say, it looks really nice. I have such a bad taste in my mouth from NYSC by CVS that I frown upon the entire company which is a shame.

    Anyways, I am glad to see they have babysitting. For those of us who can run home on our lunch break to workout can finally work out in peace at club h without kids and strollers everywhere. it’s so annoying.

  9. notsofast says:

    I have lived in a couple of different towns in N Jersey over the last 8 years and have been a member of several different NYSC’s. I think a major component in the client enjoyment at these gyms is the on-site manager. There are tons of little things that each manager must control in order to make the gym a nice place to workout. Music levels, cleanliness, enforcing that 30 minute time-limit during peak hours etc etc, all add to the clients enjoyment. Hopefully, the North location will rectify some of the mistakes it’s Newark St brother has committed. The space is great, looking forward to getting over there.

  10. MidnightRacer says:

    I’m impressed. This place turned out nice than I thought. What a difference from the cave dwelling, old air stench of the basement location downtown.

    The thing I like most about the new location are the options to warm-up or cool down runs you can take before or after the workouts. West uphill to Jersey City Heights. North to the Weehawken ferry with the stairway from Hell to Heaven. South along the river. Much better…

  11. grumpyflower says:

    Did anyone take a look at the schedule, who is able to take a 9:30am spinning class? There should be M,W,F, 6amish class not this stupid 930am crap..
    I think they forgot there are actually people without kids on this side of town.. Sometimes I wonder what I was on when I bought a place in this town.

  12. lastdance says:

    NYSC: half of you ppl are right they are a scam.i know this for a fact i know someone that works there and he tells me everything that goes on at the gym…they call every person that walks in there to sign up suckers and all they care about is taking your credit card they tell you that to day is the last day for the sale that they only have 5 spots left.THATS EVERY DAY THEY HAVE SPOTS LEFT…so how many spots do they really have?Jean Anderson(general Manager) does not know how to run her gym…she has her consultants running the streets begging ppl to sign up.(really desperate)Leonard Gonzalez (customer care manager)didnt even know when the gym was opening, i talked to him personally and they kept putting me on hold for 1 question to the next. customer care??WHERE??

  13. a_siren says:

    There are open on weekends from 9-9! Awesome! This is great for me since I’m a night owl. NYSC Hoboken South, Club H and others are open 7-7 on weekends which doesn’t fit my schedule as well.

    I’ve actually been tempted to join Supreme because you can get in 24 hours a day, but their lack of a gym in NYC and me not wanted to pay for more than 1 gym membership stops me from doing that.

  14. a_siren says:

    Unfortunately the nysc.com website has their schedule incorrect. They are open 7 to 7 on weekends, just like Hoboken South. 😥

    On that note, I was disappointed to see zero muscle men at NYSC North. When I work out, I like to watch the huge guys that leg press almost 1000 pounds and bench in the 300 range. Heh. If I was being PC I’d say it’s for the inspiration, but it really just gets me smiling like a teenager. 😉 Where do those guys lift? There a a couple at NYSC Hoboken South, but surprisingly less than I thought there would be in Hoboken. I could do with some eye candy…

  15. Katie_Scarlett says:

    FYI, anyone interested in joining a gym, I just found out my company does a corporate rate with NYSC ($21/mo off the listed passport membership prices, varying rates off other types of memberships). No sign-up fee, etc etc. Reduced rate p.t. sessions.

    Apparently NYSC does this with many companies, so you might want to look into it.

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