Vitos Pasta Truck towed out of Hoboken


Update: Vito’s wasn’t towed against their will – just the opposite! Was being towed to the mechanic because of transmission trouble. They’ll be back on the road soon!

What Happened to Vito?

Hoboken411 reader YipYap caught this travesty on film today.

Apparently, Vito’s Lotsa Pasta truck must have been parked in the wrong spot – because a giant tow truck came and hauled the tasty mobile pasta kitchen away. YipYap mentioned the sign on the drivers side window said “No Parking Here. You will get towed.” Our guess it was private property or something…

Maybe a new reality show in the making? “Battle of the Lunch Truck Bosses?”

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2 Comments on "Vitos Pasta Truck towed out of Hoboken"

6 years 2 months ago

Glad you are back, Vito’s Lotsa Pasta — we missed the really great food! and now Chicken Parm mmmmmmgood

6 years 3 months ago

This was parked at the old Enterprise rent a car lot on 15th today