Anastasia’s Accessories

9/25/2008 Preview:

Some upcoming events at Anastasia’s Accessories (88 Garden St.)

Fall Trunk Shows

Please join us as we celebrate the arrival of Fall with a series of two exciting trunk shows on Saturday September 27th and Sunday October 26th. Meet our talented designers while you enjoy a glass of bubbly and some sweets!

Saturday, September 27th (11am-6pm)
11am: We kick-off our series with featured speaker and feng shui guru, Pamela Potenzo of Ageless Beginnings. She’ll empower her audience through her integrative and experiential based approach to expressing one’s inner self through fashion.

12pm: Meet silver designer Ayala Naphtali. Peruse her modern geometric gallery inspired pieces. Each unique in it’s color and texture, her pieces evoke a feeling of crisp, mod elegance. Wrap yourself in a jeweled cashmere wrap by returning designer Deepa Gurnani. If belts, bags and hair-wear are more your passion…touch, try and enjoy her stunning handcrafted collection.

Sunday, October 26th (12–5pm)
All day: Indulge yourself with Indulgems… as Esther Herrera, of Yvette Fry NYC, presents featured artist Grace Chan’s complicated and eclectic jewelry. Be inspired by her unique balance between boldness and delicacy. Also experience “Pierre Urbach-Santi” evening and day bags. Perfect for any evening out, or a formal affair or just because… these purses are truly a one of a kind piece of art!


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4/21/2008 Update:

We are open in our new location at 88 Garden Street. Our new hours are Tue-Fri 12-8, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5. CLOSED MONDAYS.

We also now have a website:


1/22/2008 Update:

Taking the place of Litzky Public Relations (who’s moving to the waterfront) is accessory shop Anastasia’s.

After being in their uptown location for 18 years, Anastasia, the owner, thought it would be a great idea to mix things up, and move the the heavily trafficked downtown location. She’ll have more space, a second floor if needed, and a new set of eyes. Estimated opening date is around April of 2008.

I saw some of the renderings of the new storefront, and they look great. She’s keeping the same color-theme and products. But as always, she’s more than open for customer suggestions.

Good luck at the new location, Anastasia!


Description – Clothing accessories – Men & Women
Services – Handbags, Jewelry, Scarves, Perfume, Hairwear, Wallets, Ties, Belts, Sunglasses, Braces
Address – 1006 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 – Moving to 88 Garden St. by April 2008
Telephone – 201-792-7330, Fax – 201-792-0377


15 Responses

  1. Friedupright says:

    Taking a chance moving away from the heavy traffic of Washington Stree (think Hand Mad), but I wish her the very, very best. Must be a reason for moving. Rent?

  2. moproteus says:

    I agree. Moving to Garden Street between Newark and First smacks of they are asking for too much rent on Washington. Hand Mad, Housewares, Battaglia’s and Empire Coffee all left Washington Street. Two of those went out of business eventually off the main thoroughfare. Wow, things are-a-changing.

  3. a_siren says:

    Word on the street is that they are paying MORE on Garden street than on Washington, but that there were other issues with the landlord at the Washington St. location.

    I know the Garden street location is supposed to be bigger, but honestly I think this is a dumb business move!

  4. moproteus says:

    Paying more? Have you seen the Garden Street location and building? Looks crappy to me. It is all about location, location, location and I think it is a mistake.

  5. gov says:

    this might be the duh of the week.

  6. Friedupright says:

    Anyone know who is buying the location at 2nd and Bloomfield? It has an “In Contract” sign. I’m betting it will be a real estate office but hoping for better. Was an old accounting firm office. It was not a bad price, as things go in Hoboken at $650,000. Not a bad location. At first I thought it was Anastasia’s. Would have been a better location, but the price tag, along with a gut renovation would have been quite a few bucks.

  7. hoboken411 says:

    Not sure it’s that bad of a business move. I’m trying to remember, but rent may have been a moot point.. perhaps more than current, but less than current landlord wanted to raise it to.. so in essence “less?”

    Also the foot-traffic downtown is much better (due to PATH)….

    I doubt being a successful business owner in Hoboken for 18 years, they didn’t make the decision to move without at least SOME market research…

    Good luck to them either way.

  8. moproteus says:

    But hoboken411 they got a lot business uptown near Amanda’s from out-of-towners who shopped there that came in to eat at Amanda’s. Plus it was a good shop for the up-towners since there aren’t many shops anymore on Washington to buy gifts for people.

  9. kooky kat says:

    So…you take a walk downtown? It’s like like she’s moving her shop to Sibera??

    Something tells me her shop will do just fine without the fancy schmancy crowd that eats at Amandas on the weekends. In fact, I rarely saw anyone at all shopping in this place.

  10. rag246 says:

    “Amandas: eating there just makes me feel special” :roll:

  11. MidnightRacer says:

    [quote comment=”63633″]”Amandas: eating there just makes me feel special” :roll:[/quote]

    I went to Amanda’s once, and all I got was this t-shirt:

    (the cashier has my shiny polyester/rayon button-up long sleevelady killer dress shirt on ransom)

  12. superoogie says:

    Speaking of Hand Mad, is there any news about it? Last I heard they were supposedly moving back to Washington Street uptown. Did those plans fall through?

  13. albertross says:

    Hand mad/Mad Haus ist kaput!

  14. Lady says:

    This place blows. When you go shopping in here they treat everyone like they are going to steal their earrings, rings or other crap they sell.

    I’ve experienced this on more than one occasion and have never felt that way shopping anywhere else in my life.

  15. cjb-1975 says:

    they have gotten me out of more christmas and birthday jams.

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