Ines Rosales intoxicated while bartending at Lana

At around 2am on Monday, June 5th, a female entered Hoboken Police Headquarters at First and Hudson Streets and said that a female employee at Lana Lounge (92 River St.) was sick and vomiting. She told officers that her husband, Brian Renda, a police officer from Clark, NJ was “taking care of her.” She requested police assistance and an ambulance.

A Hoboken Police Officer responded to Lana, and was met outside by Renda, who appeared agitated and unhappy with the security staff at Lana. While Renda was loudly expressing his displeasure with Lana’s, a Hoboken Police Officer met with Lana security staff and was taken to the second floor bathroom where the intoxicated female victim was on the floor inside a stall, with her head resting on the toilet.

The Manager of Lana said that Ines Rosales, who is a FOX News Traffic Reporter, was a bartender and had been doing shots while working that night. It was suspected that Rosales “had not eaten dinner” and may have been the reason she was felled by the alcohol. The responding officer felt that because of Rosales’ condition, she needed medical attention. The manager of Lana instead wanted to take Rosales, a Belleville, NJ resident, to a room they had at the W Hotel, since she is a TV personality and didn’t want the incident to be publicized. The officer felt it was more important to care for Rosales’ well being, and dispatched an ambulance which arrived at approximately 2:20am.

Hoboken Police noted that they had some difficulty with the “inappropriate” behavior of Mr. Renda, who didn’t help the situation by interacting and berating Lana staff – but no summonses were issued.

Rosales, who vomited two more times while being tended to, was eventually transported to Hoboken University Medical Center at approximately 2:30am.