SHOOTING! 4th and Jackson

Turned out to be a fatal shooting afterall.

News copters were hovering above an hour and a half later.

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Now another fight breaking out at 3rd and Marshall. Boy I’m glad I don’t live NEAR there. And they’re trying to sell luxury condos? What is luxurious about ducking for cover?


Now a big street fight broke out on that corner. Cops quickly dispersed the amped-up maniacs.


Apparently this may turn into a murder, as St. Mary was notified to get the CPR units ready. Additionally, the brief description came in from the video footage taken from the Big Banner Plaza. Dark skinned hispanic, 5’7″ in height, black jacket. That’s all they said before being informed not to mention this stuff over the air, but rather to tell the detectives currently on scene.


Just got word that there was a shooting on the Hoboken Criminal Superhighway. On 4th Street between Monroe and Jackson. Three black males were involved. Police don’t have an exact description yet, they’re currently checking the camera footage.

I don’t care if they kill each other, but let’s keep the speeding bullets out of our town please!

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  1. emarche says:

    I disagree, Westy. They probably -will- march on city hall and demand restitution for the loss of their family member, blaming the lack of police coverage in the area.

    As far as our local politicians go, look for Mayor Roberts to come out strong on this one (a week or two AFTER the event) and offer to spend even more tax payer money on beefing up the HPD/town ‘security’ with another SWAT van, night vision goggles or perhaps that HPD Attack Helicopter they’ve been wishing for.

  2. rapperd says:

    Yeah, mayor roberts will probably use this to back his push for the police department to get an armored car, since we all know how important that would be. Similar to the giant SWAT truck.
    I know there are all kinds of armed robberies and hostage taking in Hoboken to justify the huge expense of operating a SWAT team.

    Like others have said before, it’s not a matter of entitlement, it’s a simple quality of life that we expect with the high taxes we pay in this town. Why shouldn’t I complain about knife fights on Washington Street or a shooting in the projects? The fact that this town measures only 16 blocks by 15 blocks is enough for me to expect that a police force of 100+ should be able to keep it pretty much crime free. It’s sad that some people try to reason that a murder like this is to be expected. What the hell is the matter with you? You need to hold the people paid to keep crime off the streets responsible until the issue is dealt with. I never said I was afraid to walk the streets at night, I just comment that when these things happen, I want them to be prevented. I’m afraid that it is my right to expect that from the police. Why do I pay taxes? Certainly not to have police that don’t patrol (as per that scandal earlier this year).
    And trying to justify by saying Hoboken has fewer homicides than like sized cities is totally unacceptable! You’re like the guy who is satisfied with mediocrity. As far as I’m concerned, there shouldn’t be a single damn homicide in the town I live in.

  3. frink says:

    FYI this morning I noticed a police officer on ‘beat’ – he was leaning on a fence making sure the crossing guard at Madison & 2nd had someone to talk to. This same guy does this once a week. If someone did the same thing, on the exact same corner, in the evenings & nights, it would have a much better effect on the things that matter most for our neighborhood.

  4. westy says:

    The JJ reports that the suspect turned himself in to the Jersey City Police.

    I guess we are all safe now and the city officials can go back to doing nothing. Until the next person gets shot down in the street.

  5. hoboken411 says:

    Yep. Here’s a little more. I love how they call Big Banner a “supermarket”. I mean, maybe, but when I think of supermarket, I’d never think of that place. I’d rather call it a Mediocre Murder Mart.

    Man sought in Hoboken shooting surrenders
    Homicide detectives have arrested the Jersey City man charged with shooting a man to death in front of a Hoboken supermarket last week, officials said.

    Carlos A. Myrie, 21, of Front Street off Baldwin Avenue, surrendered today at the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office’s Homicide Squad office, reports said.

    Myrie turned himself in with his Jersey City lawyer, Alfonso Robinson III, police said, but the attorney could not be reached for comment.

    Myrie is accused of gunning down Ronald Dixon, 22, of Ocean Avenue in Jersey City, in the parking lot of Hoboken’s Big Banner Plaza Supermarket at Fourth and Jackson streets on Friday about 12:30 p.m.

  6. xavier says:

    Ok, it’s a small supermarket, but Big Banner is big enough and has broad enough inventory to warrant that description. Mayor Roberts owns the building, right?? Who owns the business?

  7. westy says:

    Just read the HR story:

    “Hoboken Mayor David Roberts would not comment on the shooting according to his spokesman…”

    No surprize there Mr. Mayor doesn’t like bad news and his name linked in the press. Crime not good for condo sales.

    Mr. Campos did a little dance around the subject “I am angry that we haven’t found a way of dealing with our anger…” He did find time to point out that he is “product of Hoboken’s Housing Authrity projects, (fact check Mr. Campos moved to Jersey City at age two and did not return until Mayor Roberts backed him to run for city council. He has done very well since then.

    Mr Garcia back peddled as fast as he could “This just happene to occur in our backyard and in no way a reflection of those people who make up the Housing Authority.” Yeah right!

    A small point both Mr. Campos and Mr. Garcia have been appointees of Mr. Roberts to the Housing Authority projects for years at it has sunk into the delapidated, gang infested, crime scene it is today.

    They take no responsibility for that either.

    A littel nasty back-biting in the police ranks as what should have been done. Cameras vs cops.

    So another street murder put to rest in Hoboken’s west side, lucky none of our politicians where hurt in the process.

    Doesn’t it all make you feel all warm and safe.

  8. emarche says:

    Let me get this straight:

    You’re the mayor…someone gets killed in your town…and you WON’T COMMENT?

    I’m paraphrasing Lewis Black here, but I’m starting to understand -perfectly- why people rise up violently against their leaders. Roberts is despicable. What a coward.

  9. Max_Power says:

    Yeah, the Garcia line was great. Both the shooter and victim were there seeing girlfriends that live in the HHA, but the shooting just “happened” to occur there.

  10. wgenese says:

    [quote comment=”6381″]
    Mr. Campos and Mr. Garcia have been appointees of Mr. Roberts to the Housing Authority projects for years at it has sunk into the delapidated, gang infested, crime scene it is today.
    The PJ’s were just as f**cked up long before Campos and Garcia got involved. It has been dilapidated and gang infested for decades. I don’t think the problem is that the PJ’s have gotten any worse, just that they haven’t gotten better. I think this website really brings to light what you might not have access to otherwise. I have always heard the goings on in regards to the criminal element in town because I grew up with half of them. The current and past administrations would like nothing better than to paint this utopian picture of Hoboken. Maybe now that this information is becomming available to everyone and anyone you guys can start the revolution.
    Ready Emarche… lets storm the palace.

  11. wgenese says:

    Anyone read the letters written by Roberts and LaBruno in the this weeks Hoboken Reporter? They respectivly responde to critiques written in the previous week by Det. Lombardi reguarding this incident. If I ever find my way out of XP registry hell today I’ll put them up.

  12. MF says:

    That’s just unbelievable. This is the first I’m hearing about this incident. I HATE conspiracy theories, but given that Hoboken politicians are corrupt, it almost makes you wonder if they’ve paid off the local TV networks, b/c why is this stuff never on the news?! A city that is one-square mile and is sometimes referred to as another NYC borough.
    As usual, inexcusable violence. The liberal apologists will talk about the spiral of despair and how these people have nothing to live for and to move onward and upward, etc. etc. …The shooter is from Ocean Ave. in Jersey City. I don’t even want to think what my grandparents – who, like normal people who started from nothing, didn’t resort to violence and thuggery – might be thinking as the very street where they used to live on is now inhabited by animals.

  13. westy says:

    You always have to remember that Hoboken is just one big real estate deal.

    Anything that will hurt sales is never discussed in public. Mayor Roberts was not available for comment on the murder and the press had no one to interview and it just went away.

    As some of you have noticed Mayor Roberts and the Police Chief had much to say when the head of the Hoboken Police Union took issue as to why this murder happened.

    Preception of a safe real estate market is very important to our developer/city officials.

    Relax don’t worry.

  14. westy says:

    I drove by the killing fields on Jackson Street today….Big Banner took down the ratty old awning and booze shop repainted the walls is in red white and blue.

    Lipstick on a pig.


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