Turned out to be a fatal shooting afterall.

News copters were hovering above an hour and a half later.

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Now another fight breaking out at 3rd and Marshall. Boy I’m glad I don’t live NEAR there. And they’re trying to sell luxury condos? What is luxurious about ducking for cover?


Now a big street fight broke out on that corner. Cops quickly dispersed the amped-up maniacs.


Apparently this may turn into a murder, as St. Mary was notified to get the CPR units ready. Additionally, the brief description came in from the video footage taken from the Big Banner Plaza. Dark skinned hispanic, 5’7″ in height, black jacket. That’s all they said before being informed not to mention this stuff over the air, but rather to tell the detectives currently on scene.


Just got word that there was a shooting on the Hoboken Criminal Superhighway. On 4th Street between Monroe and Jackson. Three black males were involved. Police don’t have an exact description yet, they’re currently checking the camera footage.

I don’t care if they kill each other, but let’s keep the speeding bullets out of our town please!