Ganache Cafe

5/13/2010 Update:

Ganache Cafe gets a slick commercial

Whenever I’m in the neighborhood uptown, I make a point to swing by Ganache Cafe – typically for a nice cup of coffee – or the Hale & Hearty Soup (if they have the Cream of Tomato with Chicken & Orzo). They told me this week that they have a new promo commercial that gives everyone an overview of what they sell there.


8/14/2009 Update:

Let the good times roll…

Wanted to update the Ganache Cafe entry today for two reasons:

  • To remind you that this is one of the most friendly independently-owned businesses in town (and has great coffee amongst other things…) and
  • Here is their New MENU of their offerings!

Ganache is one of the businesses you should go out of your way to support!

4/21/2009 Update:

Did you know?

That Ganache at the Hudson Tea Building (15th & Wash) has new owners?

Sisters Sanan and Stephanie took over the coffee shop and cafe back in December 2008 – and I’m now a regular customer of theirs!

They’re slowly making some changes, such as adding Ciao Bella Gelato – along with a new pastry chef (I still haven’t tried the cookies yet, which I hear are amazing!) You can still drop off your dry cleaning, sit in their comfortable furniture (which they re-arranged just a bit), and enjoy some tasty sandwiches.

My favorite part is the delicious coffee (Barrie House and Illy). I’ll go out of my way for a cup!

Hours are 7am-7pm M-F and 8am-6pm on weekends. Hours might get extended when the weather warms up.

Have you been to Ganache lately?

It had been a while since I had a need to be at the HTB, but since I was meeting someone there, it was time to finally add Ganache’s second location to the 411 directory. They already have a location on 13th Street (closed).


Description – Cafe, Cakes, Pastries, Sandwiches at the Hudson Tea building
Services – Cafe – Coffee, Tea, Coffee and espresso drinks, sandwiches, bagels, salads, wraps, specialty cakes, pastries, gift baskets, Catering
Website –
Address – 1500 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Email –
Telephone – 201-792-0999

Hoboken Hudson Tea Building

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20 Comments on "Ganache Cafe"

8 years 11 months ago

Amen. Live piano player in here on the weekend mornings. Fabulous coffee, so much better than Starbucks’ burnt offerings.

Desserts are expensive but fancy-pants and good.

8 years 10 months ago

I really like the desserts at Ganache, particularly the hazelnut dome cakes.

6 years 9 months ago

This place is the best kept secret in Hoboken. The girls are cute as hell and the food is great. Free wi-fi and the place is always clean. Big ups to Ganache and the friendly service.

6 years 9 months ago

looks nice.
two questions…is there parking up there (for non-Tea Bldng. residents of course)? are the food offerings solely desert-type stuff or are there muffins and breakfast-type stuff too?

6 years 9 months ago

[quote comment=”17995″]I really like the desserts at Ganache, particularly the hazelnut dome cakes.[/quote]
My favorite is the signature GRANACHE cake! Talk about a piece of heaven, pricey, but definitely worth it for a special evening :-)