Hertz on Demand exempt from street cleaning

Hertz on Demand skates on street sweeper in Hoboken (every week!)

For YEARS, we’ve all seen the street sweeper in Hoboken go around the Hertz on Demand cars which are peppered all over the city. I still am trying to figure out “who got paid off” for this racket of a deal.

$100 a month for reserved parking on the street, AND exemption from the $50 street cleaning tickets each week. Do the math. Garages cost $300 a month, and a ticket every week would be around $200 a month. They’re UP $400 a month net! What a bargain! Where can I sign up?

Hertz on Demand cars get pass from Hoboken HPU Hypocrisy

Who is checking up on Hertz?

8/17/2010 Update:

Y’know, each week, I get quite a few emails from frustrated car-owning Hoboken residents who either cannot find a practical reason to use the Hertz on Demand (formerly Connect by Hertz) Corner Cars or hate the fact that the spots cost the billion dollar company only $100 a month while they reap massive profits. Most often, it’s a basic email conversation between us.

However, I’ve been getting more emails as of late, indicating how trashy the spots look – while the rest of the street that was cleaned by the street cleaners looked respectable. Here’s a prime example. This Hertz Corner Cars location near Park and Sixth was cluttered with rubbish, cups, and more.

  • Who at city hall allowed Hertz to “promise” they’d clean the spots only twice a month?
  • Why not every week like the street cleaners? Heck, for the lost parking ticket revenue, these spots should be cleaned DAILY!
  • How come there’s no financial ramification for failure to comply? Look at this crap!

Street cleaning frustrates many residents


You ever forget to move your car for street cleaning in Hoboken? Only to rush to move it right after the sweeper passes – and you find a $45 ticket stuck on the car? If that’s not bad enough – you see that the sweeper sometimes leaves more of a mess behind. Frustrating, eh?

Since the Connect by Hertz Corner Cars launched in Hoboken recently – Hoboken411 has been receiving a steady stream of concerns about this community car sharing program that city transportation czar Ian Sacs said will “remove 750 cars from the streets.”

So far, about 100 residents have signed up to the program, but no cars have been relinquished.

As you can see from the current Hoboken411 poll – about 60% of respondents use a car daily or often enough to make the program unaffordable. 20% only use their cars sporadically, but about half of those have private parking spaces, and 20% don’t have a car at all.

Part of the agreement with the city, Hertz pays a “whopping” $100 per spot per month, but is completely exempt from street cleaning regulations. They’re supposed to “clean” the spots manually themselves.

Some comments from the residents I’ve spoken with:

  • “Only $100 a month? I’d pay double that to have my own private spot in front of my apartment!”
  • “Who inspects the cleanliness of the parking spots? What’s the fine for non-compliance? Why can’t I be exempt from street cleaning if I sweep my spot too?”

In the long run, supposed to benefit residents

I can understand why bending the rules for Hertz frustrates drivers. Because the city doles out parking summonses like candy from a Pez dispenser. However, it seems to me that the concept behind this Corner Cars program, is so lazy residents don’t have to walk more than a block or two before they can sit down again and drive wherever they’re going. This program wouldn’t work without making allowances such as this. You don’t see the city promoting the 43 Zip Cars we have at various locations throughout town, do you?

However, why stop there? Here are some other concepts to consider;

  • Let’s eliminate street sweepers altogether! Encourage the community to sweep the streets themselves. More money in the pockets of residents to spend at local businesses, right? Well, not really – because the millions of dollars in revenue that stuffs city coffers would be gone, and then we’d probably have another tax increase.
  • Hey, isn’t Ian Sacs a fan-boy for bicycles? Can’t we create a giant parking lot with 100’s of bike racks? Make people bike to the Hertz Cars instead of taking valuable spots from residents.
  • Make EVERY SPOT private in Hoboken. I estimate at least 7,000 street parking spots. That’s over $8 million in annual revenue. Who wouldn’t want that? Build a giant parking garage for visitors, and run that silly shuttle all day and night. There’d be plenty of money left over to help with budgetary problems. Heck, throw in some Pedi-Cabs for good measure. Speaking of Pedi-Cabs, why’d the put a moratorium on those? I digress, but this city is so filled with contradictions, it gives me a headache.

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12 Comments on "Hertz on Demand exempt from street cleaning"

5 years 7 months ago

This city never ceases to amaze me.

5 years 7 months ago

The cars should have to be moved during street cleaning. It either applies to everyone or noone. If you have a handicapped space, you still have to move for street cleaning. If you have temporary no parking signs, for moving or having contractors park when they are working on your house – their trucks have to be moved or else they are ticketed. Why is a coropration exempt? The environmental services dept should be inspecting these spaces and issue tickets to the corporation that owns them, if they do not clean the street on the same schedule or atleast weekly.… Read more »

5 years 7 months ago

Excellent points, HOB424. I am also curious why the city completely ignores the Zip Car. A very similar program, the only main difference being the fact that residents might (god forbid) have to walk a few extra blocks. The main selling point for these corner cars is that they’re in the neighborhood. Hoboken is a mile square, EVERYTHING is in the neighborhood! Did anyone check Zimmer’s campaign donors versus the locations for the cars? That Sacs kid should stick with just bikes or just cars. He must be Al Gore’s god child or something. [quote comment=”194108″]The cars should have to… Read more »

5 years 7 months ago

Yes, exaclty, everything is in the neighborhood. Hoboken is not that big and it doesn’t hurt to walk a few blocks. In regards to the bike lanes, they have them on side streets? If a car is driving down a side street, there is not enough room for a bike. What is the car has to serve to avoid one of the many potholes, where does the bike go then? Does this director live here? Only a resident can understand the practicality of these ideas.[quote comment=”194121″]Excellent points, HOB424.I am also curious why the city completely ignores the Zip Car. A… Read more »

5 years 7 months ago

I am still not clear why these cars have to be on the street and not in the municipal garages, as zip cars are. Is it because the garages charge more than $100 a month per spot? If that is the case, than this sounds more like a scheme for the city to make money at the expense of residents assuming (1) the city gets $100 per spot on the street from Hertz, instead of $35 from a resident and (2) the displaced resident buys a garage spot for more than $100. The 750 cars off the street claim sounds… Read more »

5 years 7 months ago

the entire things stinks to high heaven…the folks who voted for this i hope you are watching…there is no real reform, transparency or any of the crap they said was coming….also isnt there a city ordinance as to parking or leaving your car in the same spot for x amount of time, then it can be towed….can someone research that…i thought i read that once….for 100 bucks amount they are exempt from street sweepers….how about 12g in taxes what does that get someone…

5 years 7 months ago

Ian’s ideas are always untested … he is a screwball. Ian– you need to research your ideas prior to implementing. I am amazed at your cavalier approach. 1. Taxi stands uptown never worked b/c there was no notifcation of said stands and people just got angry that street parking was taken. 2. Shuttle stops and signage for vans to Clearview theater without any larger PR failed. Signs taken down within 2 weeks. 3. Getting local community around Clearview theater all riled up about taking away spots for that theater (which is probably running in red) … mistake. given the theater… Read more »

5 years 7 months ago

“Getting local community around Clearview theater all riled up about taking away spots for that theater (which is probably running in red)” What makes you say that? The theater frequently has a line out the door and is sold out. My question is about the Hertz cars in the photo above on the corner of 11th and Hudson… How did the green “corner car” parking spaces get stripped beyond the “no parking here to corner” sign?[quote comment=”194117″]Ian’s ideas are always untested … he is a screwball. Ian– you need to research your ideas prior to implementing. I am amazed at… Read more »