Think the Light Rail has anything to do with this?


Ugly, but innocent car bashed to pieces by rocks

Take a look at this beat up car in the Monroe Center parking lot – which is conveniently located near the 9th Street Light Rail Station.

This was done either by angry anti-capitalists who hate all material possessions, or some derelict punks who tend to use the Light Rail to come to Hoboken to ruin our quality of life. Me thinks it’s the latter.

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  1. camel2 says:

    Where’s the respect for other people’s property?

  2. nacholibre says:

    I think it was definitely vandals or gangs (has all the trappings of either the Hi-Hats, Turnbull AC’s or The Lizzies).

    There are enough abandoned/damaged cars in that lot to resemble a Mad Max movie set.

    Clean it up…Broken Windows theory!

  3. johandsome says:

    I go through that parking lot by 9th street and have noticed it has surveillance cameras, this incident must have been documented on the parking records, if the owner of that car manages to prove that it was caused by the rail, they might be able to sue NJT for damages.

  4. nacholibre says:

    I sentence thee, Infidel 1989 Chevrolet Geo hatchback, to death by public stoning!

  5. hoboken hammer says:

    Why does it have to be out of town punks? We have plenty of punks in town – walk by Hoboken High School – looks like a prison yard.

  6. uraho-boken says:

    “You see what happens!?!
    Do you see what happens, Larry!?!
    This is what happens when you _____ a stranger in the ____!”

  7. Easy-E says:

    HOLY SHIT! Looks like a few hundred rocks strewn all over the place! How long were those jerk-offs at it?

    Someone in the Monroe Center should set up a webcam facing the tracks.

  8. satchmomail says:

    I live in Metrostop right next to the Monroe Center parking lot and I can tell you that its our own Hoboken resident smashing that car (its been abandoned there for months). Young kids getting off the light rail and walking home towards Monroe and 4th…and 3rd…and 2nd…and, well, you get the drift.

  9. Stitch333 says:

    Been working at Monroe Center for four years, and that car has been abandoned there as long as I can remember. The broken windshield first happened over a year ago, and people have just continued. There are many abandoned vehicles in the parking lot, including a truck full of garbage (literally, the driver and passenger seats are not visible and the garbage is half way up the windows), it’s also been there about four years. It’s really unfortunate that some people treat the property of others this way, but I wish the owners of the vehicles would be responsible for their own property as well (there are some days we could really use the spare parking spots!)

    There are rocks that were thrown farther into the parking lot as well, though I don’t think any more than one or two cars have been hit.

    Security at Monroe Center is TERRIBLE.

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