Hertz 24/7 Car Sharing Program

More hourly rental cars available in Hoboken

Hertz 24/7 formerly known Hertz on Demand

This week, Hertz Corporation launched Hertz 24/7 – a community car sharing program (also called “Hertz on Demand.”) Hertz is marketing this program as a way for current car owners who don’t use their cars regularly – as a way to “save thousands” of dollars a year, by using these hourly rental cars (which have dedicated parking spots on the street) – in lieu of the monthly lease, insurance, gas, maintenance and parking costs associated with car ownership.

Below is a brief promotional video and statement from Griff Long, Senior Director of Global Car Sharing with Hertz 24/7:

Will it free up parking? Zip Car has been here for years…

While Hoboken411 thinks this is an innovative program that takes the pain out of temporary car usage requirements – many other residents still have their doubts. The city recently said that this initial program will free up 750 parking spots based on “conservative estimates.”

“I think a good majority of the cars on the road today are leased, who is going to pay early lease penalties to use these cars?” said Jim, one downtown Hoboken resident. While Stacy, who lives uptown said “People love their cars, and the freedom of using them whenever and however they like. But this program will certainly appeal to those who don’t currently have a car.”

Steve, who calls midtown his home thinks “Officials at city hall drink too much Kool Aid. To say that nearly 1000 cars will be taken off the road is a Utopian pipe dream. You cannot force material individuals to buy into it.” Others are concerned with cleanliness like Bonnie who lives on Hudson Street, “I’d be a little skeeved out by garbage and germs left in the cars by whoever used it previously.” To address that fear, Hertz said the cars are maintained and cleaned every two weeks.

Uptown resident Melissa wants to give the program a chance, “Even if only 100 cars get off the road, that’s 50 more spaces for the rest of us. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to make this a positive solution for Hoboken.”

It should be noted that ZipCar has had a similar program in Hoboken for more than five years – with 43 vehicles available for residents to use. And many say parking and traffic in Hoboken has gotten progressively worse as more real estate developments are built.

Will these 50 cars really make an impact? If so, when? Or is this just a convenient way to promote even more car usage in Hoboken – instead of walking or biking?

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Hertz 24/7 Cruises into Hoboken, NJ

Car Sharing Company Expands to Power Hoboken’s New Corner Car Program, Offers Convenient Transportation Option to Residents

Hertz 24/7, Hertz’s global car sharing club, announced it is adding Hoboken, NJ to its list of more than 200 U.S. and international locations that provide members an economical, convenient and socially conscious alternative to car ownership. The expansion also marks the country’s first citywide public-private partnership between a municipality and a car sharing company, as Connect by Hertz was selected as the exclusive supplier for Hoboken’s Corner Cars program.

“Hertz 24/7 shares the City of Hoboken’s commitment to the Corner Car program, and providing a convenient and cost efficient transportation option,” said Robert Stuart, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Hertz. “With more municipalities and organizations moving toward car sharing, Connect by Hertz is dedicated to providing the best in class technology, service and amenities to meet members’ needs.”

The Corner Cars program is designed to provide Hoboken residents the convenience of having access to both a car and a reserved parking space in their neighborhood. For the first phase of the roll out, Connect by Hertz will place 40 vehicles, including Smart Cars, Toyota Prius, Volvo C30, and the MINI Cooper, in 20 different Corner Car locations spread across the city (full list follows). As the program expands, cars will continue to be placed in additional areas, with the goal of serving 100 percent of the community, improving convenience and removing even more cars from the street.

“Hertz 24/7 will help the city provide a reliable transportation option and play an important role in addressing the challenging parking situation in Hoboken,” said City of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Now, residents can simply click, book and drive, knowing their space will be waiting when they return.”

Through June 2012, Hertz 24/7 is offering 2 years of membership for free ($25 application fee applies) and is providing a $75 driving credit when using the code: Hoboken at time of enrollment. Residents who surrender a Hoboken parking permit at the Hoboken Parking Utility will be provided with a special promotion code for a $100 driving credit in addition to the free membership (the two offers cannot be combined). Hertz 24/7 Membership also includes insurance, fuel, roadside assistance, maintenance and cleaning. Once enrolled, members receive a smart chip enabled Hertz 24/7 Card, which gives them 24/7 keyless entry to any car in the fleet that they reserve. Members also have the option to reserve and use vehicles in other Hertz 24/7 locations, including nearby New York City and Park Ridge, NJ as well as Hertz 24/7’s international locations.

Since its launch in December 2008, Hertz 24/7 has formed successful partnerships with a number of companies, organizations and universities around the world including Marriott International, USAA, Ohio State University, Pepperdine University and University of North Carolina. For more information, visit www.hertz247.com.

Hertz 24/7 Locations in Hoboken, NJ:

  1. Clinton Street & Newark Street
  2. Vezzetti Way (at both East & West ends)
  3. Hudson Street & 15th Street
  4. Garden Street & 11th Street
  5. Hudson Street & 11th Street
  6. Monroe Street & 8th Street
  7. Adams Street & 8th Street
  8. Jefferson Street & 4th Street
  9. Clinton Street & 7th Street
  10. Harrison Street & 2nd Street
  11. Jefferson Street & 1st Street
  12. Adams Street & 2nd Street
  13. Jackson Street & 4th Street
  14. Grand Street & 12th Street
  15. Madison Street & 10th Street
  16. Willow Avenue & 10th Street
  17. Clinton Street & 9th Street
  18. Garden Street & 8th Street
  19. Park Ave & 6th Street
  20. Clinton Street & 4th Street
  21. Bloomfield Street & 4th Street

About Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7, The Hertz Corporation’s (NYSE: HTZ) global car sharing club, has more than 650 vehicles, 16,000 members and more than 200 locations worldwide, including corporate offices and universities. Hertz 24/7 offers vehicles in the Personal, Social and Jet Set Collections; all are available for online reservation at competitive rates. All cars are equipped with Eileo® technology, and benefits covered by the hourly rate include gas, insurance, GPS turn-by-turn navigation, 24/7 roadside assistance, 24-hour Member Care Center communication, and 180 free miles per day. For more information, visit www.hertz247.com.

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21 Comments on "Hertz 24/7 Car Sharing Program"

5 years 7 months ago

Very good point about the Zip cars. I didn’t realize how many there were, and how it hasn’t made one damn bit of difference in parking.

I am very skeptical that just because these Hertz cars are a block or two closer will be any kind of tipping point.

Maybe if they tried promoting the existing zip cars more for the past few years with better marketing, they’d be more of a success.

5 years 7 months ago

On the city’s website where you could pick what locations you wanted to see the Hertz spots in, I purposely chose locations as far away as possible from my residence. Anyone else so the same? I wonder what’s going to happen when someone rents a Hertz car and comes back to find someone has parked in the designated Hertz space. If driveways, crosswalks, and fire hydrants aren’t a deterant to illegal parkers, “Hertz parking only” isn’t going to be, either.

5 years 7 months ago

Bet you anything they enforce the precious corner spots faster than intersections and fire hydrant violators. God forbid Missy can’t park! That’ll mess up the next person that rents the car, and so on.

The city can’t even prevent pedestrians from getting knocked around right in front of city hall, do you think it’ll be easy to manage 40 or more reserved parking spots?

5 years 7 months ago

Any city council members giving up their cars?

5 years 7 months ago

LOL!!!! How very Hoboken “it’s free BUT…”

“through June 2012, Connect by Hertz is offering 2 years of membership for free ($25 application fee applies) “