Gaslight Restaurant Finished

No more fuel for Gaslight Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ

Boy – if the Gaslight Bar & Restaurant closed down 10 years ago when times were better, people might have noticed!

But at the beginning of April 2012, Gaslight shut down, and Hoboken didn’t seem to miss a beat. Several people I spoke with said the downward trend started when “the father” wasn’t involved with the daily operations of the joint, as well as the change to try and make it a “trendier” place.

In fact – a couple years ago, the owners invited us down to sample their so-called “new and improved” menu – but we didn’t have the heart to publish our viewpoints at the time. Didn’t want to knock ’em, and also didn’t want to dishonestly skip over their shortcomings. So we filed the review away with the expectation that we’d try again one day (i.e., second chance). Oh well.

What do you think would do well there? A bar / restaurant that actually tastes good and has fair prices?

12/21/2007 Update:

As one reader already commented last weekend, the Gaslight has new owners.

Another reader wrote:

“I called there tonight and they told me there was going to be a $2 delivery charge. I asked to speak with John or Claude because I know them and thought that this was a little crazy. The girl who answered the phone informed me that they were no longer there and that the place had been bought by the owners of the Brass Rail..


5/23/2007 Update:

The email that was sent to me was probably a scam, or a manager nervous that the staff will leave and they’ll be short-handed.

From a source: “The Gaslight is for sale. I had someone call that number for the real estate agent, and the agent totally said that the GASLIGHT is for sale and even went so far to make an appointment to meet at the GASLIGHT to look it over. Call the phone number on the ad if you want to see for yourself the truth. So that “owner” is either a liar or you have a real estate agent who is lying.”

What are people so afraid of? Why publish it on the internet, if you don’t want people to know about it? I give up. This is the last publicity they’ll get until (if) it’s sold.

5/21/2007 Update #2:

Apparently that real estate site used the wrong picture. One of the owners of the Gaslight sent this email. Unless this is fake too, and we live in The Matrix.

“I am one of the owners of the gaslight restaurant and love your site. I just noticed todays headline regarding the alleged sale of our place. I am writing to you to tell you that the Gaslight restaurant is not for sale. I am not sure where you obtained your information but it was from a faulty source. Can you please remove that headline from your site. It sends a very detrimental signal to our existing as well as potential customers and confuses our staff.”

To re-iterate, I didn’t say it was for sale, I said it “looked like” it was for sale, based on a realty website. Even the map on that website shows 4th and Adams. Perhaps there’s some invisible restaurant I haven’t visited yet? How the hell did it get there?

5/21/2007 Update:

Looks like Gaslight is for sale for $1,600,000.

This website link
even has a Hoboken411 picture!

SEE 10/31/2006 REVIEW BELOW!

Description – Restaurant & Bar. Entrée price range $12 -$24. Martini night – Half price on Wed night.
Services – Restaurant, Bar, Brunch, Lunch (Thu & Fri), Dinner,Martini,. Catering, Delivery (Min $10 in Hoboken, $25 outside)
Website –
Address – 400 Adams St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-2676
Telephone – (201) 217-1400,(888) 744-8448, Fax – (201) 217-4022


October 2006

Today’s review has a group of us checking out Gaslight restaurant.

It was a Sunday evening after 4:00pm and the bar was packed with people watching the afternoon football games and enjoying their wacky chilled towers of beer. We had no choice but to sit in one of the back two rooms. The lighting and decor was warm and most of us found the seating comfortable. I had some issues with the bench seating.


Our waiter came over and introduced himself, handed us menus and took our drink orders. He was friendly and informative regarding our inquiries. We were all provided with a warm roll and spiced dipping oil.

We started out with a couple appetizer selectons to sample.

First was the fried calamari ($9) (their “signature” dish). The quality of the squid was excellent (tubes only, no tentacles). Tender, but a smidge on the greasy side. Still tasty, though. The dish came with two sauces, one of which was supposed to be “hot”. We saw no difference. After informing the waiter, he brought an additional sauce that was “extra hot”. A slight improvement.

Also sampled was the Mozzarella Roulade ($7). Homemade mozzarella layered with sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, and roasted red peppers. Topped with a balsamic vinaigrette and served over field greens. It was adequate, but didn’t have a “fresh” taste. They must have pre-made it a day or two earlier and just kept it refrigerated.

Next came the various main dishes.

One selection was the Chicken Sorrentino ($16). This is very similar to the Chicken Sorrento at Leo’s Grandevous. Out of the 4 chicken dishes tasted, this was the most flavorful. Boneless breast of chicken layered with eggplant, prosciutto, spinach and mozzarella in a light brown wine sauce. Well done.

Another chicken dish was the “Barrel Select” chicken ($17). Boneless breast of chicken seared on the grill then baked on a wine soaked oak plank and topped in a white wine teriyaki demi-glaze with asparagus and red roasted peppers. The reviewer enjoyed this because it was on the lighter side, and she enjoyed the unique texture of the chicken. She particularly liked the side of veggies.

Another chicken item sampled was a 1/2 order of the Chicken, Avocado, Mango salad ($10). Boneless breast of chicken, fresh avocado & fresh mango served with red onion over a bed of baby greens. It was cold chicken, which is ok for a salad, and the ginger soy dressing accompanying the dish was refreshing. However, the mango was not ripe, which detracted from the potentially exceptional taste.

The last chicken dish served was the Chicken Milanese ($14). Chicken cutlet pounded thin, served over a bed of Arugula with chopped tomato & chopped red onion. For one thing, the chicken came out breaded (menu didn’t specify), and was ICE COLD. The server said it was supposed to be hot chicken. The dish was replaced quickly and without hassle. It would have been nice if the onion was chopped as the menu indicated.

Lastly, the lone non-chicken entree was the Lobster Ravioli ($15). Homemade lobster ravioli stuffed with lobster claw meat in a pink sauce. Great tasting sauce! The raviolis were also very good as well, even though one reviewer thought the plate was hot/cold. Some were room temperature, some were hot. Very odd.

When were were finished, the waiter asked if we wanted dessert. We pretty much full and said no thanks. However, he shortly came out with a tray displaying all of the delectable treats and brainwashed a few of us into ordering one anyway! Trickery!

We all shared one cookie dough fudge ice cream concoction. I guess you can’t tease a sweet tooth.

Gaslight is a pretty decent place to eat. They have a very interesting and diverse menu, and the lunch and brunch menus look great as well. Our service was good, and there was no pretentious feeling. A nice neighborhood corner restaurant. Wasn’t perfect, but is definitely worth checking out. We thought it was an acceptable value. Back again in a few months to try other selections.

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9 years 3 months ago

I agree with you 100%. I enjoy going there from time to time. The food is predictably good served by an attentive, friendly and informative waitstaff. It’s the food and the service together that make eating at the Gaslight always an enjoyable experience.

9 years 3 months ago

I’m happy to have such a tasteful place on my corner.
i need to go in there more. The music always seems to be good and yeah the staff is friendly.

9 years 3 months ago

I always thought this place was a lighting store… thanks 411!

9 years 3 months ago

Those wacky chilled towers of beer are one of the best deals in town. I think it’s like $10 for one of the towers. Multiple TVs and cheap beer, hard to go wrong

9 years 3 months ago

month ago had the absolutely nicest waiter there we’ve had anywhere this side of the Hudson – and possibly “THAT” side too — then it got cold and dark and now we’re in order-in mode! Of course, I think we’ve had good service almost everywhere in town–maybe it’s just you a$$holes who bring out the worst in people?!? 😉