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Hoboken Lost and Found Reminder

Just a brief refresher for the Hoboken Lost & Found section here, specifically if you’ve FOUND something that you’d like to return to it’s rightful owner.

If you look at my list below – one the best and easiests way to help – is to snap a photo of what you found – and simply just bring it to Hoboken Police Headquarters. This way, you can spread the word by sending a photo to Hoboken411 – but the person can claim their missing item(s) at Police HQ at any time (and you won’t have to be involved at that point forward). This will also help deter some people from trying to claim something that doesn’t actually belong to them. That type of person typically doesn’t like police stations.

And bookmark this URL for future use:

Report your Hoboken Lost and Found items here

This will be the section where you can try your luck at finding your property (or the owner of found property) in Hoboken. Please leave a comment – with as much detail as possible, and your email or phone number if you can.

If you’re not comfortable with leaving your personal email address, either sign up for a new one to be used solely for this purpose, or ask if people can email 411 if they’ve found what you’re looking for, and I’ll connect the two of you.

The new feature can be accessed in the top menu bar:

Everything Else > Lost and Found > Hoboken Lost and Found HQ

Some other guidelines for this section:

  1. No pets! Send an email to Hoboken411 if you’ve lost or found a pet. “Living beings” get treated differently from material items.
  2. Try calling the appropriate places first. Like the Hoboken Police (201-420-2100) or the respective form of transportation you took (Cab, NJ Transit, PATH, Ferry, etc.)
  3. When finding valuable items, be less specific. In other words, leave out model numbers, etc. This will help ensure the proper person claims it.
  4. When in doubt – it’s always best to drop found items off at the Hoboken Police Station downtown. You can leave a note here if you’ve done that.
  5. Stick specifically to lost and found. Either the item(s) in question or generally helpful tips. Bashing on here helps no one.

That’s about it! Good luck with your stuff!

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210 Comments on "Hoboken Lost and Found HQ"

12 days 11 minutes ago

I lost my engagement ring this afternoon. Unique design with large roman numerals connecting two bands and a diamond. Probably lost somewhere between Jackson St btw 3rd and 4th and Jefferson and 5th. Willing to pay cash reward. Please call 646 256 6890. Thank you!

3 months 22 days ago

Lost a Gold nugget ring with 5 cubic z. Diamonds in it ( fake diamonds). Was lost Saturday January 9th between 10pm and 1am… Was between Texas Arizona and Cadillac Cantina. Family heirloom and I am devestated to have lost it…. Willing to pay cash reward. Contact 201-344-4255

1 year 1 month ago

What: Women’s 3 band wedding ring – diamonds and sapphires
Where: Somewhere from Elysian Park to Kings in the Shipyard
When: March 16th
Please contact kellijamison@gmail.com if found

1 year 2 months ago

What: Sephora bag
Where: Yellow cab from hoboken path stand- back seat
When: February 3rd around 7:00
Please contact parkscaroline1@gmail.com or call (516) 492-4664 if found