Do any of you care about the state of the parks in Hoboken?

I’m sure some people may be indifferent, but many of us feel otherwise. We all know Hoboken is cramped as we watch many new (and sometimes beautiful) real estate developments get built very often and very quickly with often little resistance.

Why can’t the same be true for the parks?

Getting them built, zoned, or approved seems to be more like pulling teeth. Even with “Open Space Intitiatives” promised by our city years ago, we still have nothing much to show for it except old brochures and continual chatter.

openspacemap1sm.jpgThe big and exciting “Open Space Initiatives” poster that was originally put up on the Hoboken City website almost two years ago had been shrunken down to a thumbnail, and you cannot seem to directly download the .PDF file anymore. However, thanks to the Internet Archive, we can see what Hoboken promised long ago, and even discover where to download larger versions. Can you read that? –>

Below is the how the original image used to look back in January of 2005 and a link to the PDF in case you’re interested in seeing it. Why doesn’t the city have a section on their website that allows the users to “browse all PDF files”? This was buried deep inside with no direct link available.


newc1.jpgRemember the “Pier C” promise? “Construction to start Spring 2005″, then “2006″, then… nothing. While the concept was a bit unrealistic (to put tennis courts or beach volley ball or whatever that round concoction is), it was still open space. Can someone re-confirm that this is never happening? If so, why does the city even still have it on the website?

But hey, we still ought to be thankful.

We still have “My Park” on Observer and Jackson Streets. “Grab the kids and the picnic basket, Honey! We’re headed over to the park!”