Where is this? Round 3

Ok, based on how many readers wanted this feature to be a regular fixture on Hoboken411.com, here we go again with the third installment of this fruity contest. I hope one of these days to have an actual prize to give away! But in the meanwhile, we love your patronage!!

What do we have this week? Where are these items? Name all five, or finish it off to be the winner!

Here are previous rounds:

Round 2
Round 1

Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:
Number 4:
Number 5:

11 Responses

  1. bystander says:

    1-Just one of many new construction sites
    2- Fence by Starbucks on Newark/Hudson
    3- stumped
    4- Parking garage on Hudson
    5- 11th and Bloomfield

  2. hoboken411 says:

    1: Incorrect
    2: Correct
    4: Correct
    5: Correct

  3. girl says:

    #3 is on Grand St…some apt building that has gates leading to a pool…..

  4. Jerry says:

    1 – Air vent on top of train station. (probably serves PATH)

    3 – Entrance of the building a 3rd and Grand. Entrance is on Grand Street. (some friends just moved into that building)

  5. hoboken411 says:

    Well that was easy.

    It’s going to get much harder next time. :)

  6. nanran says:

    1. the cooling tower for the PATH station
    2. ornamental iron fence- top in front of Starbucks and American Apparel
    3. don’t know
    4. sheathing (skin of building) – unbeliveably ugly – on the car park between Hudson and River Streets downtown
    5. tower of Columbia condo development at 11th and Bloomfiled Street.

  7. elvisroberts says:

    #4 – ew…do they ever CLEAN that parking garage? Seems like a good power washing would go a long way (plus, could create a whole new labor force too :)

  8. hoboken411 says:

    Yeah, a paint job would be in order. It is grey and unsightly.

  9. hoboken411 says:

    Just to eliminate confusion, I didn’t clarify that all 5 have been answered:

    1: Air vent on top of train station.
    2: Fence by Starbucks/American Apparel on Newark/Hudson
    3: Entrance of the building a 3rd and Grand. Entrance is on Grand Street.
    4: Parking garage on Hudson
    5: Tower of Columbia condo development at 11th and Bloomfield Street.

    I have a bunch more queued up for the next round in the next few weeks… if anyone wants to contribute some tough ones (they must be visible from a public place), please send them in!! Include location, etc.

    Not too tough (like a man-hole cover)!

    All people submitting will not be eligible to vote on their picture :)

    Any takers?

  10. nanran says:

    I’ll definitely keep my eyes open! This is a fun thing. Thanks Hoboken411 for providing “News We Can Use.” I enjoy the blog.

    If I find any good contest photos I’ll just need help getting them to you electronically – bit of a dunderhead when it coems to these things.

  11. hoboken411 says:

    :) I wouldn’t call the phot contest “news you can use”, but it’s a nice distraction at least.

    Sure, shoot me an email and I can help guide you through getting photos to us.


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