Hoboken BYOB Restaurants

Hoboken BYOB Restaurants

Hoboken BYOB restaurantsBelow, in addition to the alphabetical listing of all Hoboken BYOB restaurants – there is an additional section which is sorted by cuisine type! (See lists below!)

More so now than ever (in this economy) It’s good to know of places that are always cheaper to eat when you can bring your own wine or beer!

Not only will your overall tab be less – you can also enjoy MORE tasty alcoholic beverages at the same time. Win-win situation!

Share your favorites, or try a new one out and let the community know!

If you see an error or omission, please send email to hoboken411@gmail.com.

Enjoy your vino!

In the end – are you BYO or not?

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  1. jscirish27 says:

    Some of the best food in Hoboken can be found at these BYOB places, and it is nice to be able to bring your beverage of choice instead of picking through overpriced beer and wine lists. This is the way to go in this town.

  2. Journey says:

    Any suggestions for place to have party of about 60 people?

  3. jscirish27 says:

    Sixty, wow . . . you are looking for a restaurant and not a hall (such as the Elks). Amanda’s may be able to handle it. Does it have to be in Hoboken or is NYC an option. You may do better to have it in a place like the Elks and have it catered. Without knowing the specifics of the event, it is hard to recommend something. I would be glad to help if provided more info.

  4. Journey says:

    I’d consider a hall, is there anything other than the Elks?

    NYC or JC are ok.

    I’m having a small out of state, family wedding. This is the post wedding party for our friends that did not get invited to the wedding, because only family was invited.

    I think the only concern we have is that we need wheel chair access.

  5. nicoleb4 says:

    What about Lolas on 14th. I dont know how many it holds but they have a room down stairs as well.

  6. emarche says:

    Lolas isn’t a bad option – the room downstairs is very, very nice and since they specialize in (real) tapas, they’d probably be able to put together some great finger-food plates.

    My only reservation is that the last time I went there, the food was pretty pricey.

  7. kooky kat says:

    IS there wheelchair access to that basement? It’s a nice space, but Lola’s food is an acquired taste. Now, I will pretty much eat anything, but I don’t go out of my way to go here unless friends are insisting on tapas. It does a number on me like no other food ever has!!

    How about Lounge 11 Journey? It’s close to home!? 😛

  8. Journey says:

    [quote comment=”37968″]How about Lounge 11 Journey? It’s close to home!? :P[/quote]

    Yeah it is. We will have to call the places everyone has suggested and ask about the numbers and the wheelchair and then do some eating out to make the final choice.

  9. emarche says:

    Don’t forget: at the Elks club you get dinner -and- a show/brawl!


  10. hobohow says:

    you might want to consider the lincoln inn in jersey city, you can a decent meal at a reasonable price, full bar also available, and they can easily accomadate 60 people

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