Dead body floating in Hudson?

1:31PM UPDATE: HPD, using binoculars, have confirmed it’s a dead body.

1:25PM: It was brought to the attention of the HPD that there may be a dead body floating in the Hudson, uptown near the Tea Building.

But they cannot make out for sure what it is, since they have estimated it’s about 1000 feet out into the river. They have summoned the help of the NY State Harbor Patrol to determine what it is.

I can’t follow this story 100% today, but if someone is listening, let us know!

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12 Comments on "Dead body floating in Hudson?"

10 years 9 days ago

ew no way. yesterday morning on the east river by pier 11 they took a dead body out of the water and wouldn’t let the ny waterway ferrys dock and let out the commuters for a while. wonder if this guy floated all the way around the tip of manhattan

10 years 10 days ago

an Arizona fan with ESP?

10 years 11 days ago

maybe a new england fan

10 years 11 days ago

damn, I go to New Orleans for a long weekend and come back to all this news

and NOPE dirtyjerz not an Eagles fan.