Friday Rant: Carlo’s Bakery


Hoboken411 reader Monty is having trouble remaining a Carlo’s Bakery customer – “Cake Boss” or not!

Carlo’s bakery + Hollywood = bad business – parking

“Been a resident in Hoboken for 7 years, and going to Carlo’s for my kid’s birthday cakes and holiday pies was always a pleasure. Now obviously as the success of the show we see how Hollywood fame really alters reality.

  • Everyone is now either called sugar or honey. Seriously I am not even Italian and it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence.
  • My wife called to order a cake 6 months ago; she gave the congratulation and all and asks if it was needed to wait on the hour and half line to pick up the cake. She said it was not.
  • If you go in there, people are just waiting for Buddy to come out like the polar bears at The Bronx Zoo thus holding up the line.
  • 3 months ago a friend of mine wanted to order a cake, went in and was turned away first time b/c too busy. She came back and was able to get a sit down. She wanted different types of animals put on the cake for her daughter who was having a Zoo motif. Was told that “we (Carlo’s) know what looks good and that won’t look good.” What happened to customer is always right?
  • A coworker attempted to walk in an order a cake within the past month; she bypassed the line as had been proper procedure. She got screamed at by the sugars and honeys.
  • And finally just this past week, I attempted to order a sheet cake for pick up on Sunday. I called on Wednesday. I was put immediately put on hold. I was then picked up 3 more times rudely asking what I wanted and brushed off by being put back on hold.

Now I don’t begrudge getting and making the most out of someone’s 15 minutes of fame but I am sure I am not the only Hoboken resident who has been thrown to the side in wake of out-of-towners getting their cookies and cupcakes. The prices have skyrocketed and that is fine but that is part to companies making money. Let’s be honest they make a great cake. I just won’t go there again. They lost my business. I am sure they aren’t losing sleep over it but the thing that burned me was the feeling I got from Carlo’s blatant feeling of entitlement.

I have read your parking items about the “600 people” within Hoboken who have the special parking permits (whether it is Fire, Police, or HPU) but now we can get everyone one. I guess Carlo’s is getting that as well. On Newark and First around City Hall, parking is not allowed as far as I remember but on a Saturday all you need to do is rip off a cover of a cake box write your phone number on there because there it was on First between Bloom and Wash without any ticket. Hey if they can get away with it why can’t everyone in Hoboken?”

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  1. Hoboken1954A says:

    The lines are out of control some days, Not Carlo’s bakery’s Fault. I love that the Cake Boss is so well known. They are real & cable show is Funny as well as Honest. Pricey sure, but who among you would work for less? I can’t afford them anymore & go to Shop Rite (really good too) but Carlo’s is a family working hard together & making Hoboken benefit too. So let’s be Happy for Buddy’s success!

    • kooky kat says:

      It was fun telling the elderly couple on vacation in playa del carmen how much the cake here is dry as hell and those playfully “nasty” sisters are REALLY THAT NASTY! The devestation in their faces was priceless. I am sure they will keep his ratings up.

      In response to Hoboken1954A who said:

      The lines are out of control some days, Not Carlo’s bakery’s Fault. I love that the Cake Boss is so well known. They are real & cable show is Funny as well as Honest. Pricey sure, but who among you would work for less? I can’t afford them anymore & go to Shop Rite (really good too) but Carlo’s is a family working hard together & making Hoboken benefit too. So let’s be Happy for Buddy’s success!

  2. koolkat says:

    The ladies behind the counter have always been rude, rude, rude, where I cringe going in there, but they do have a few of my favorite things. However, now with the lines of non-locals, I’ve given up.
    Every time I have gone in there (for years) I had made a point of being extra friendly just to see what they would do. I have NEVER gotten a smile or a “thank you.” NEVER EVER. And those poor teenage girls look scared all the time.
    So all this fame for the front of the store just nausiates me.
    I don’t care for Giorgio’s stuff, but the supermarket is good too and as a previous poster mentioned that place in the Heights is amazing as well (Gheorigs?).

  3. GetMeABeer says:

    Never been a fan of this place and when I saw it on TV even less so. The line is hilarious though.

    Who are these people and what’s the attraction?
    Can’t we start ticketing them for congesting the sidewalk already. Might help keep taxes down.

  4. esw7178 says:

    I wonder what they are going to do when the show ends. It seems like they have lost the local customers to other bakeries. I use to stop by a few times a month but, I haven’t been there since the show started. And, if the lines magically disappeared today, I still wouldn’t shop there.

    I question the weirdos that come into Hoboken and wait in line for hours. They don’t have anything better to do?

  5. plywood says:

    I love when people post about how Carlo’s is going to have problems with sales volume when the show ends. They will always do great business in that location no matter when the show ends. Even if that wasn’t true, Buddy is probably already set for life with the 3rd and 4th season deals he is inking at TLC. Lemmings will be coming there from all over the world 10 years after the show goes off the air as Hoboken’s largest tourist attraction: Sinatra-mania and baseball doesn’t really cut it anymore. Did you know they filmed “Glory Days” at Maxwell’s = big freakin’ deal. Having stepped on the toes of a lot of old time regulars is the least of Carlo’s problems.

  6. rocklobster says:

    I used to buy cupcakes there when I was having a cake jones because it was convenient. The cupcakes were always kinda stale though and not that great. I bought creampuffs there once for a party and they looked delicious but tasted like paper towels so no one ate them. I agree with what others have said here about their counter staff too. The show is amusing though so good luck to them but I will be shopping at a different bakery.

  7. matt_72 says:

    The line was short today w/ everyone at the festival.

  8. truth1 says:

    Truly, media hype makes or breaks one. The discerning individual has to form their own opinion regarding selecting a place to do business with. The question I ask: Is the product worth the waiting time, price and quality of the product?

  9. plywood says:

    The current dynamics at Carlo’s have nothing to do with the quality or value of the products being sold. It has everything to do with “OMG this is the place on TLC with the ridiculous staff”.

  10. ramenfreak says:

    “Sweetie” & “Honey” in Hoboken:

    Last summer I went to Vito’s to get a couple of sandwiches. While I was waiting for my sandwiches to be made, the guy behind the counter says, “Will that be all, Sweetie?” Just as I was about to say something, one of the guys next to me says, “Are you talking to me?”
    Guy behind the counter says, “No, you’re ‘Honey’ [points to me] she’s ‘Sweetie'”

  11. danflem1 says:

    You guys should all try Cocoa Bakery. Cocoa is based in Jersey City but delivers to Hoboken. Their cakes and cookies are absolutely delicious! They are quite responsive and make cakes to customer’s specifications.

  12. hobomud says:

    i’d hate to say anything negative about the city I love. But this has to be said. First, let me just say Carlos does have pretty kick ass cheesecakes. Other than that, everything else is not super extraordinary, and neither is the show, Cake Boss. There are two sides of comments- on the one hand, the crowd the bakery draws benefits us in terms of tax dollars. On the other hand, which outweighs the first, is that it also draws annoying tourists, trash, and traffic jams. As if that is not enough, the Cake Boss film crew blocks off the busiest pedestrian paths, and getting through the line of crowds is just annoying. CVS on Washington has said that their toilets have been broken from walk in customers who wait in line everyday. When will this end?

    And like other customers already said, the staff is rude rude rude, always has been, and always will be.

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