Doomed. Several readers mentioned this place is DOA. Wasn’t a bad place, I guess lettuce didn’t cover the rent.


Name implies something, I’m not sure.


Description – Fast food / health food
Services – Salads, sandwiches, wraps, panini, soups…. Catering, Delivery
Website –
Address –
110 River St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 216-9984, Fax – (201) 216-9227

June 2006
You ever think that an advertisement left on the windshield of your car is effective?

Well, it is when you’re hungry!!

I guess Saladworks went on a menu blitz, and as I started the car I browsed the menu. I knew immediately that I’d be eating there soon, and exactly what I was going to order.

So me and a couple friends decided to schelp down to 2nd and Hudson on this hot day. We went in between lunch and dinner, so it was hard to gauge the overall popularity of the eatery. When I asked the owner how they’re doing, he honestly said “Ok, could be better”. I find this odd that new and somewhat healthy restaurant couldn’t be doing smashing business right outside a moderate sized office building AND near the PATH. Perhaps not enough people know what’s going on there. Either that, or the trees and bushes in front of the place?

Our first impressions of Saladworks were very positive. Pleasant decor, easy to read signs, and well-arranged foods in the display cooler.
Saladworks counter.JPG

The place was very clean. I would call it immaculate actually.
Saladworks seating.JPG

We only ordered two dishes. One Panini (which I knew I wanted), the Turkey Kapos. The girls each ordered the southwestern chicken salsa salad (I forget the name, it is (was) a seasonal item which won’t be specifically available for long).

The Panini was very robust and crisped to perfection. Turkey, cheese (your choice), cole slaw and russian dressing. Crunchy and fulfilling. Came with a pickle and small bag of chips ($6.95). They also had a a small side of soup, I chose the Chunky Tomato Bisque, which was very good.

Saladworks Panini.JPG

The girls copied each other and got this mexican salad with chicken, roasted peppers and corn salsa, shredded cheddar and tortilla strips. Of course, they each ordered the dressing on the side. That seems to be the majority of women in Hoboken. But then they dip their bread in it anyway! Just get it put on, and don’t finish the salad! What’s the big deal?

I tasted it. The chicken was cooked well, had a good chew consistency. The girls liked it as well. No complaints.

Saladworks summer mexican salad.JPG

Overall, we were satisfied with Saladworks. I will most certainly come back to sample the other items on the menu. The owner, Ross, was very accomodating and took pride in his store, which is something that you don’t see too often. The other employees were also very friendly and helpful. Not the cheapest lunch in town, but the value was good because you did get a hearty helping of food. So go there with an appetite.

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  1. Emily says:

    I went there today for the first time and was completely annoyed. It took forever to get my sandwich and it was way overpriced. The person making the sandwich had hair hanging all over her face – just didn’t seem like a good thing. Someone else had been waiting 15 minutes for his sandwich because they forgot his order. Not sure I’ll go back.

  2. lily731 says:

    had a salad delivered once and it was very good and a good sized portion, but last night i stopped in to pick up a salad (i create my own and choose my own toppings) and it was the skimpiest salad ever made for me in my life. i guess it was the girl making it at the time to blame, not the establishment as a whole, but she added the tiniest little amounts of tomatos, cucumbers, etc. and it came out to 8 bucks. pissed me off the whole way home, i know i should have said something. i even took a couple photos of it, eventually i’ll email them in.

  3. FAP says:

    Screw facebook we need foodbook 😉

  4. kooky kat says:

    Lily, that has happened to almost EVERY place I go to in the city where they do the “make your own salad” thing. Occasionally, I get visibly pissed off, and sometimes even get angry enough to say something. Most of them start skimping first on the lettuce, then the next time, it’s the stuff you asked to have put in. Then, you get the cucumbers once and they are rotten…it’s like “WHAT are you saving this sh!t for? It’s going to go bad!!” (my advice is to never get cucumbers at those places, nobody eats those, they sit there forever!!)

    That’s my rant. But if I am going to eat a salad for lunch with carrots and broccoli, can’t you load it up a little more? (no wonder I get so angry!)

  5. lily731 says:

    i get a salad just about everyday for lunch in the city and i’ve never had anyone be half as skimpy as the saladworks girl.
    i know what you mean about carrots and broccoli. at subway by where i work i’ve learned to ask for extra tomatos and they’re usually pretty nice and good about it, it’s a different concept there though because it’s unlimited veggie toppings, you just pay for the meat and bread (or wrap in my case).

  6. amanda says:

    I just had my first Saladworks salad, and it was actually quite good, although it was expensive – $8.01 with tax. That is about three dollars more than I ever spend on lunch (I usually make my own salad from one of the salad bars), and about five dollars more than if I had made it myself. However, it was good and if you don’t mind spending the money, definitely a good option if you work downtown. This salad was much better than the salads at Food 3663. I didn’t have a girl making my salad though, the person who made mine was a guy – and I would say that the portion was generous.

  7. fmn says:

    hey to be fair for whoever made the “skimpy” salad, its not the girl’s fault unless shes new i guess. places like that usually have rules as to what size you’re supposed to make a salad….

    ok i give up i used to work at saladworks thats why i’m writing in. there you go!

    anywaaayyy, theres a standard size you’re supposed to make a salad. of course you’re paying a lot for your meal and you want a lot of food but the person serving you isnt going to take pity on you for paying that much for a salad when im sure they probably make less than that an hour working there, anyway. im sure theyre gonna value doing their job the way they’re supposed to so they dont get in trouble!

    when i was working there i usually heard people talking about how filling it was how they give too MUCH food. and they’re right, even if you go by the standard amount of scoops of stuff and amount of lettuce and dont go over a bit, you’re still going to have enough for 2 meals. besides that, the quality is ALWAYS fresh and they change constantly so you’re pretty much guaranteed fresh food each time you go there.

    so while the price is steep and you feel jipped on your portions, just remember that theyre going by what theyre supposed to go by. if it was seriously lacking that much why didnt you ask to talk to a manager? but truthfully i know how many people go in there and get mad that you didnt put 3 lbs of carrots in their salad when you’re only supposed to put a few scoops. theres a reason you have to pay for more, because it costs the place money and it takes a lot to run a business that needs to constantly have fresh food, pay steep hoboken rents and pay for it’s employees.

    however i will say one thing about a particular saladworks in monmouth county… the hoboken saladworks tastes liek heaven. you go to the one i go to down the shore and its NOT worth the price. the quality is not fresh, the chicken is rough and its def not worth it. but the hoboken one is tops, and im not just saying that because i used to work there. it really is great, fresh food.

  8. rag246 says:

    Jazzy’s on Varick Street, one block south of Culture Club, makes great salads…the lettuce (or spinach) is pre-doled in plastic bowls. When I used to go there every day, I was able to figure out who gave cheesy portions of add ins, and who was generous.

    Of course they are probably told by their managers to go easy on the expensive stuff: avocados, chicken, shrimp etc.


  9. FAP says:

    If you’re called salad works it’s very important that your salads don’t suck. I tried the place three times and never had a good salad.

    If there’s any budding businessperson out there please know that a quality wing joint would KILL in this town.

  10. lily731 says:

    i used to work one block away from jazzy’s. great salads. fantastic balsamic vinaigrette!

  11. jerkstore says:

    just to set the record straight with this saladworks. I’ve heard that the place shut down b/c the owner was having medical problems that pretty much stemmed from operating the business. Now whether or not this was the whole reason for the shut down, i’m not sure. But i do know for a fact that there were health issues, they didn’t close up just because business wasn’t good, although there is a possibility that was a contributing factor.

  12. YipYap says:

    Food was good, location was bad. I never saw more than a few people eating in there are the same time. Speaking of Doomed is Pita Grill Open or are they one vacation or something?

  13. rapperd says:

    [quote comment=”37337″]Food was good, location was bad. I never saw more than a few people eating in there are the same time. Speaking of Doomed is Pita Grill Open or are they one vacation or something?[/quote]

    They’ve just been fixing the floor in the kitchen… Supposed to re-open any day now..

  14. rag246 says:

    I ate at Pita Grill once.


  15. fmn says:

    [quote comment=”37337″]Food was good, location was bad. I never saw more than a few people eating in there are the same time. Speaking of Doomed is Pita Grill Open or are they one vacation or something?[/quote]

    no no, it was crazy busy at times. mostly lunch. you didnt stop working… ridiulously crouded.

  16. elvisroberts says:

    pita grill – decent food, lousy service ethic for take-out. Show up to pick up your food and it takes MINUTES for some gen-Y to look up and say “uh, can i help you?”
    Saladworks seemed good quality but not great $$$ value//
    just my $.02. I ate there once too.

  17. el norte says:

    Saladworks II ? Let me know. I’ll be there.

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