Clam Broth House sold to Biggie’s in Hoboken

3/12/2012 Update:

Clam Broth House sold – Biggie’s Clam Bar takes over.

Hoboken Clam Broth House opens to rave reviews!

6/11/2010 Update:

As a longtime Mile Square resident, this is exactly what is needed in the downtown neighborhood. It’s about time we had a restaurant that didn’t strive just to be the best at what it does in Hoboken, but steps up to compare with similar restaurants in the New York area and beyond.

The Clam Broth House Basics

The Clam Broth House, owned by Danny Tattoli – is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Bar menu is served all day and night, until last call (1:30am on weekdays, 2:30am on Fridays and Saturdays). Dinner is served from 4pm to 10:30pm (11pm on Fri & Sat).

Executive Chef Marcos Brito is well known in Hoboken, with stints at Elysian Cafe (when then reopened in 2004), Amanda’s and Four L’s. His culinary style focuses on the flavor of the premium main ingredients, with less emphasis on over-spicing and extra complicated dishes. They’re trying to be as close to the original Clam Broth House as possible – with a few modern twists.

Besides the every day menu items (SEE FULL MENU HERE) – daily specials include the Risotto of the Day (recent versions include sundried tomatoes and mushrooms), as well as the “Catch of the Day,” which was Branzio (European Seabass) at the time of this review.

Tattoli said that humongous hand that made the Clam Broth House a landmark (and part of the reason the old building fell apart in the first place) is currently being “restored.” Much work is being put into it, in order to preserve the exact same look, while making it stronger and lighter. He expects it back within three to five months.

A Hoboken Seafood force to be reckoned with… and more!

Finally, some real European-style seafood in Hoboken, as well as a great, truly late-night bar menu. All the dishes I sampled offered multi-layered flavors without being overbearing or complicated. They just worked.

The Pulled Pork sliders were well balanced and not sloppy. The fresh mini-brioche style rolls were the perfect bread to wrap around the lean, clean and flavorful pork. The sweet sauce that envelops the meat is not your typical Hoboken “out of the bottle” fare. The sauce is created in-house, and it shows. The crab cake sliders are similarly fresh and flavorful. No frozen crabcakes at the Clam Broth House. Each of the sliders is created with your shirt in mind, meaning it’s not so overloaded with sauce and meat that it ends up all over you.

The blackened Spiced Tuna Salad (pictured above) was seared to perfection. I like Sushi, and I like Tunafish sandwiches. I’m not big on seared Tuna because too many chefs don’t know good Tuna when they see it, or have no idea where to source it. Clearly not the case here, with surprisingly good “melt in your mouth” flavor with a cherry tomato relish that includes hints of lime and cilantro.

The Shellfish Cioppino entrée was a continental seafood lover’s dream. Lobster, shrimp, mussels and clams in a white wine saffron broth with cherry tomatoes and fennel. A signature plate for a restaurant with the history of the CBH done right.

Also had a chance to sample the Baked Lobster special (pictured above) – which is normally part of a more diverse dish which includes Rock Shrimp Marscapone Risotto and Roasted Tomato Confit. The crabmeat stuffing was out of this world.

The Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza was a marvelous delight. The pancetta married with the fresh fig to present a truly unique, yet authentic flavor. The crust was light and airy like you would be served in Italy.

In future trips I look forward to sampling the Lobster Truffle Mac N Cheese, Filet Mignon, and Guinness Fish and Chips.

The new Clam Broth House is the right restaurant for today’s Hoboken, nodding to a glorious past while offering what people here have been yearning for: a truly excellent, reasonably priced place for fresh seafood prepared with skill and style.

Clam Broth House Photo Gallery

See various photos of the establishment, as well as dishes mentioned in this exclusive Hoboken411 review – in the Flickr Photo Gallery below:

Welcome back to Hoboken, Clam Broth House!

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Clam Broth House hoping to open Summer 2010

Finally, some serious action over at the Clam Broth House Corporate Center building (36-42 Newark Street). Here’s a brief sneak preview of what’s coming…

Owner Danny Tattoli (who also owns Four L’s) – gave Hoboken411 a quick tour yesterday, and said that he’s trying his best to recreate the old Clam Broth House menu, look and feel. The nearly 7,000 square foot restaurant will feature two levels, ample seating (occupancy expected to be nearly 300 patrons), and rich detail throughout. From the hand-carved mahogany bar and crown moldings, to the stained glass walls – Tattoli is trying his best to make this a destination restaurant in Hoboken. Even the 48″ tables are a welcome touch, which will allow ample room for dishes and make the overall dining experience better for both customers as well as waiters.

More to come on this, and hopefully they’ll be in position to open before the summer ends! Good luck on the new venture, Danny!

Description: New Clam Broth House Restaurant
Address: 36-42 Newark Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-656-1111