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10/21/06 Update:

Wanted to report back regarding the Monday night bar specials at Elysian.

We don’t get to eat here too often, but the deal you get on Mondays during the winter is definitely something worth considering. We feel the staff that works there is friendly, the service is good, and the food is tasty. They also seem to get a very pleasant and friendly crowd there as well.

I want to point out that my assumptions about “mix & match” was incorrect. You CAN pick any two different items off the bar menu. They just deduct the lower priced item off the tab.

Quicky, my friend and I ordered the mussels ($13.50) and the pulled pork sandwich ($11.50). Oddly enough there were more than 1/2 dozen people at the bar who also ordered the mussels. Very popular.

You can pick the mussels in either a marina sauce or a garlic white wine sauce. She chose the latter. While the quality of the mussels were very good, she found the sauce to be on the bland side. We inquired with other patrons eating the same dish, and they enjoyed them more. Each having their own reasons for liking them. Some people commented that they liked the fact that the garlic didn’t overwhelm the dish. So if you’re a major garlic lover, you might want to ask for extra garlic.

The pulled pork sandwich was very good as well. It wasn’t drenched in any kind of BBQ sauce or anything, but it was just quality pork that was very lean. Almost had a brisket-like taste to it. Very filling. The fries were good as always, and I found the side of cole slaw particularly refreshing.

The tab for the meal, plus a glass wine and a beer was $21. Not bad at all!

10/16/06 Update (great deal alert!):

elysian-monday-specials.jpgNot sure if any of you noticed their ad in this weekends Reporter, but Elysian has a special Monday night two-for-one bar menu special.

Click the thumbnail to the left to see the offerings. Two burgers and fries for $11.50 sounds like a fantastic deal, along with their other options. I doubt you can mix & match, so you and whomever you dine with will have to agree.


Description – French Bistro, Bar
Services –
Dinner, Brunch
Address –
1001 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone –
(201) 798-5898


April 2006


Today seemed like a great day to try out the Elysian Cafe. It was a beautiful, crisp spring afternoon. I had typically stayed away from there because they were one of the only bars in Hoboken that didn't allow smoking. Now that it's a level playing field, why not give it a shot?

My dining companion and I got a nice table along the rail on the 10th st. side of the outdoor area.

elysian outside.JPG

Our waitress, Kristen, immediately came by and asked if we had too much sun, and if we wanted to have the umbrella moved, which we were ok with, since we’re both sun worshippers.

For drinks, we ordered a couple Pomegranate Sours. They were served with a slice of orange and were very tasty and refreshing.

As an appetizer, I ordered the Crispy Calamari salad ($6). This was unbelievable. Wasn't crispy as advertised, but incredibly yum-yum-yummy. Tender and packed with flavor. Kristen indicated it's essentially one of their signature items, and most popular.

elysian calamari.JPG

Being the bacon and meat connoiseur, I went with how I typically judge a restaurant when I eat there for the first time. Bacon cheeseburger ($8). If you can't make a burger right, why bother with the rest?

This burger was well prepared and presented and very satisfying. The meat texture and flavor was as good and juicy as can be. The bun was soft and easy to handle. Bacon was oinkfully loaded with taste. The toppings accompanying it were fresh. The fries, served in a fruity little "bucket" reminded me of McDonald's. The pickle was excellent too. I know, small details, but it all added up to CRAZY delicious.

elysian burger.JPG

She ordered a simple French Onion Soup ($4). Was good, but I think all french onion soups pretty much taste the same. Some kind of conspiracy, I gather.

elysian french onion.JPG

Overall, the dining experience was very positive. The atmosphere was nice, our waitress Kristen was excellent even when the outdoor area was filled to the capacity, some screaming 3 year olds, and she was the only one working. Wonderful job. Friendly and approachable. She sets a good example for others.

Not sure why they had to get fancy with the wine-like water bottle (see below), but I guess that's part of the package.

Check Elysian out! Now that smoking is banned everywhere, there's no excuse not to give it a try.

elysian water.JPG

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  1. truth1 says:

    Re: Post 119 – Yep!…again, the food can’t match the atmosphere. Sidebar: Cammarano had a fund raiser here last year and recently announced his run at the Frozen Monkey….Politics or Food :roll:

  2. brian_g says:

    Cassoulet is very tasty. It is also very rich and fatty.

    I think that if a place were to focus more on Nicoise style food rather than on the big hearty traditional Parisiene style foods, they could do really well.

    But a lot of Americans associate French food with heavy sauces rather than the real core of great French cuisine.

  3. jscirish27 says:

    Brian, Cassoulet is a specialty of Toulouse, not Paris. Nice (Provencal) style cooking is only a small part of French cuisine (and in many ways more similiar to Italian cuisine). A lot of French food is really rich; hence the smaller portions and the inclusion of wine (the acidity cuts through the richness). There would be room for all of it anyways; right now there is none of it.

  4. strand tramp says:

    they might do well except that a lot of Americans associate french food with french people.

  5. Katie_Scarlett says:

    [quote comment=”136546″]they might do well except that a lot of Americans associate french food with french people.[/quote]
    ROFL. My apologies to those knowledgeable people that are having a serious discussion about French food – but this post is kind of hilarious IMO. 😆

  6. brian_g says:

    jscirish27 ,

    I wasn’t trying to suggest that cassoulet was Parisienne.

    There have been attempts at french food before that haven’t done well in Hoboken. Les Bisous was quite good but only lasted a year.

  7. jscirish27 says:

    I think it’s funny too, but I love the French. Despite what anyone says, no one was ruder to me in Paris than in NYC; I actually made really good friends in my travels there with whom I still keep in touch. For a socialist country, it’s not all bad. They have a very progressive energy program, pretty good healthcare, and their food supply system is excellent. It is kind of amazing that we have far more food restrictions in the U.S. than they do in France. The countryside is really pretty too.

  8. emarche says:

    What’s the story on the Little Grocery in Hoboken? I hear they make a cassoulet, but have yet to hear any reviews.

  9. MidnightRacer says:

    [quote comment=”136546″]they might do well except that a lot of Americans associate french food with french people.[/quote]

    When people begin calling food a female native from Paris, it’s understandable.

    ian (noun/adj) vs ienne (noun only)

  10. MidnightRacer says:

    anyone ever try the pulled pork from there?

  11. strand tramp says:

    barry just signed. we’ve got all the pork we need. and the Dow is on fire! only down -215 now.

  12. MidnightRacer says:

    Everything is a segway for you, isn’t it?

    Pulled pork to that? Got a chuckle from me

  13. TheTacoTruck says:

    I had dinner there for the first time last night, I’ve had their bar food before. It was great. The service could be a little better but the food really was better than I expected. Just my 2 cents.

  14. Rosewood Ghosts says:

    While this is definitely one of my favorite places to eat, the music situation in the bar area really needs to be improved. Listening to an entire R. Kelly cd on repeat makes me want to eat wood chips covered in lead paint. I just can’t get my drink on under those conditions. Thankfully, there was a good live band there last night, that made it so much better! Does anyone know who they were?

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