West End Station Doomed?

12/20/2010 Update:

West End Station appears doomed

Hoboken411 found out yesterday from a former employee of the West End Station that doom was imminent for the new bar & restaurant located at the SkyClub (700 First Street.) They said that customer traffic was painfully low – despite the delicious food and good name of Anthony Pino – who also owns two other well-received restaurants in Hoboken (Anthony David’s and Bin 14).

An email sent yesterday to Pino went unanswered. Was looking for more information about the circumstances.

Angry Neighbors?

Additionally, it seems that some folks who live in the SkyClub condominium building were not too happy with having a restaurant there – despite the full knowledge that it was licensed for that type of commercial business when they bought their property. They started a blog that complained about the customers that stood outside and talked.

Economy? Bad Location? Horrible Neighbors? Whatever the case – it may be proof that the “West Side” of Hoboken may not be good business – (Take note Melting Pot and Tilted Kilt!)


West End Station at SkyClub to open August 2010

7/28/2010 Update:

The licenses are in place, and the final touches are being put on the West End Station Bar & Restaurant at SkyClub building (700 First Street) in Hoboken.

This will be Chef Anthony Pino’s third restaurant venture besides The Dining Room at Anthony David’s and Bin 14.

Pending any of the (most typical) Hoboken delays, the restaurant hopes to welcome customers sometime in mid-August.

Take a browse around and see the current progress in the photo gallery below!

Anthony Pino brings new restaurant to Skyclub


Got word that Hoboken Restaurateur Anthony Pino of Bin 14 and Anthony David’s fame – is constructing a new bar / restaurant at the Sky Club (700 First Street).

I stopped by yesterday for a quick look at the most exciting thing to happen in SW Hoboken in a long time (especially with the lack of parks and constant flooding).

Seems like a pretty big place with a nice bar layout. Asked a few workers on scene what they knew – and the one guy that spoke English said that he thinks the place will be called West End Station and that they said it’ll open by “May 10th” (he then mumbled “I doubt that’ll happen.”)

Whenever they open – it’ll be interesting to see what they have to offer – and how enjoying a few cocktails while watching the NJ Light Rail pass by will feel. A couple people I spoke with are certain that the food will be terrific.

Description: Bar & Restaurant
Address: 700 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: www.weshoboken.com

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  1. lacie says:

    Nice that they already have hundreds of customers right above them. A good way for people who have been neighbors for years to finally meet each other. :)

    • HomeTeam says:

      Also a nice change since Northern Soul scares away customers by sitting a pit bull in its front window all day.

      In response to lacie who said:

      Nice that they already have hundreds of customers right above them. A good way for people who have been neighbors for years to finally meet each other. :)

  2. upyurs says:

    I understand that Sandy Weil the developer has the pace and leasedit. They hired Devino Associates of JC for the layout.

  3. Russ says:

    This is a great addition to the SW of Hoboken. Love Anthony David’s and Bin 14. Looking forward to trying it out.

  4. spiffy says:

    A dandelion growing in the 4th ward would be welcome addition to Hoboken as well. See my point?

  5. mooshu says:

    Anthony Pino is awesome. And he’s not being a douche about the whole food truck situation which is doubly awesome. I wish him the best of luck with this place.

    For future, a little cafe in this area would be nice :).

  6. schwab says:

    I wish them luck, but will reserve judgment until I read the menu, taste the food and see how much it all costs. The website preview says this restaurant alone would establish a “whole new area of Hoboken – The West End.”

    After you enjoy dinner at the restaurant, where do you go next? The light rail station? The gorgeous southwest park? The car wash?

  7. peacefulveg says:

    I really hope that this restaurant has at least one or two vegetarian and vegan options. My boyfriend always wants to eat at Anthony David’s but never does because I can’t eat anything there. If the Cinnamon Snail has taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of vegetarians in Hoboken.

  8. getz76 says:

    I thought the Dining Room was terrible. I ate there when it first opened. Service was suspect too. Have they turned that around?

    The new place looks nice. Too far west for me to venture to, but I know some people in the Sky Club that are really looking forward to this.

  9. Wilsee says:

    Now that the restaurant is finally here I have to say it is a nice addition to the area, but does it have what it takes to please the customers?

    After spending a lazy Sunday afternoon watching football games with 4 friends and sampling their menu, this is what we like and dislike…

    Most of there appetizers, like calamari, wings, ribs, pizza, etc… are much smaller in portions then your regular “Bar & Restaurant ” type of place of the same price. Probably goes the same with there regular dinning menu!
    The bartenders there are someone fresh out of bartending school and doesn’t have the skill of an veteran!

    The price of everything are within reasonable range. The place is very roomy, especially the dinning area. Friends service.

    Would my friends and I go back there again? Probably not until they fix the Dislike!

  10. sylmilo says:

    My finance & I went there this past Sunday (we LOVE David & Anthony’s).
    Food was good – limited menu.
    The worst part was the high bar stool chairs!! My goodness, my bottom is not very big and I could barely sit on the seat & be in any way comfortable. We moved from those chairs to the “table” chairs and it was much better.
    It is a bit loud, between the TVs & customer noise, but the service was very good. The food we ordered was good (although we had to ask for dressing on a side salad that came with my sandwich). Could just be that I’m not like other people & eat salad w/o anything.
    It is nice to finally have a restaurant at this end. Out of a rating of 1 through 10, I think I would rate this place as a 7.

  11. Stpaddygirl says:

    I will give this place another chance because it just opened my experience was less than pleasant on pretty much every level. One positive the bartenders are VERY nice but a little clueless on a couple levels…

  12. jonsie says:

    Why do people move to cities and expect peace and quiet? Just move to the country!

    • HoneyDew says:

      I agree. My neighbors are always knocking on my door after 9pm on weeknights because they have a baby. I don’t know why they think I care. I hear the baby cry all dam night and morning and I don’t freak out on them.[quote comment=”201061″]Why do people move to cities and expect peace and quiet? Just move to the country![/quote]

    • skyclubres5 says:

      The problem most of the residents at the Sky Club have with WES isn’t only about peace & quet. It’s about the type of restaurant that was put there.

      WES is primarily a bar. Yes, it has a large dining room – but they market themselves a bit more like a bar, with themed evenings, etc. It seems to me (just my opinion) that they were hoping for a business similiar to a place like Buskers, or Brass Rail. I’ve also experienced bad service at this restaurant and the food wasn’t all that great to begin with. Not a place I’d go to again, even though it’s only a short elevator ride away.

      As a resident myself of 4 years, I was very much looking forward to a restaurant being downstairs. When I heard it was being done by Anthony Pino I was even more excited hoping for a place like Bin or A&D. However, for the life of me – I cannot understand why Anthony Pino would put this type of place in a building that is made up mostly of couples with children. This isn’t the type of place that most residents of the Sky Club frequent in Hoboken. Plus, many of the younger residents choose to go to bars with a larger crowd. WES is open til 3 or 4 AM on weekends. So the noise of a bunch of drunks staggering out of a bar is a bit unsettling when so many children live in this building. Had a restaurant gone there – like promised to most residents when purchasing a condo – it wouldn’t have been necessary to stay open that late. Again – this is a city and noise is expected. But, in my opinion – it wasn’t necessary to put this type of place in a building like The Sky Club. WES was doomed the minute they made half the dining room a huge bar. A place similiar to Anthony & David’s or Bin 14 would have made a killing here.

      Like another poster said, this isn’t a great area of town. Nobody is going to go out of their way to come to a bar/restaurant that isn’t really unique compared to many others in Hoboken. They can just go to one of the many places that look, and have the same vibe as WES without going so far out of their way.

      I do think, regardless of the type of place that moved in there, there will always be a few people who take issue to the noise. However, I think Anthony Pino should have done a better job at considering his primary pool of customers – which are Sky Club residents. Putting in a unique place, with great food & atmosphere like Bin or A&D would have drew those from all over town. Instead, Hoboken has been saddled down with another typical bar/restaurant that has subpar service and food in an area nobody wants to go to in the first place. [quote comment=”201061″]Why do people move to cities and expect peace and quiet? Just move to the country![/quote]

  13. HOB424 says:

    It’s not a good location. For a restaurant to work in a “urban” environment, it needs to be in an area that is highly walkable. This is not a high foot traffic area. It is not a safe location, and most people don’t feel safe walking in that part of town at night. Why do you think residents are complaining there aren’t enough spaces in the garage. Because they don’t feel safe parking their car on the street and then walking around at night. If there wasn’t parking in alot of those new developments in that area, they would not have bought.

  14. prag says:

    That part of town NEEDs restaurants and bars too. They just need to be good neighbors and be respectful. I walk past WES on the way to the light rail occasionally and I have seen loud crowds of smokers a few times. If it was outside your windows I doubt many would have the composure to say, “well I guess that’s what I get for living in the city.” Also, the area isn’t that bad. I walk it often. There’s no need to have the WES clientele talking up spots in the building. The reason to live in Hoboken is to Walk to everything. If you’re coming from out of town then there are plenty of other places to go where you CAN park.

    It’s too bad to lose an option on the west side though.

  15. MF says:

    the bad neighbors mention is disgraceful given that it is based on someone not “on the ground” there. as #16 mentioned, if you had some douchebag who just had 14 beers stumbling loudly outside at 2am, most reasonable people would have a problem with that regardless of where they live, and whether they are children or adults, too.

    and as also pointed out by same person, this is another cookie-cutter place that wants to try to be both a bar and a restaurant – excelling at neither. hoboken already has 712 of those, approximately. as a resident, i tried it once, and while it’s very nice inside and more on the upscale tip, there are just fundamental problems that really disappointed me. number one by far is portion size of food, which is portioned for european models.

    the other thing that one may want to take into account before spouting off uninformed opinions is that not only was it perceived that this might be a TRUE restaurant, but also the LENGTH of time that people dragged their feet in getting this thing off the ground. only mother theresa would not become cynical in having that political party line-type talk of a restaurant dangling in front of them like a carrot for years and years and years.

    it’s too bad. it’s a great resource, if done right. maybe they should change their tune based on what people are saying here: make it more of a restaurant and feed people normal portions.

  16. beermeagain says:

    I don’t understand their business model. There was absolutely no indication about when it would open. I walk by every day and suddenly one day it’s open. But the signage is minimal and facing the wrong direction. I went a few times, had no problems with food, quality or portion. They offered some good stuff. But they probably tried too hard to be “high end” without actually being high end. People were just getting used to having that as an option after half a decade of hearing something would eventually be there.

    As of last night the computer monitor/cash register was still on, and the bar itself appeared to be stocked and was lit up. Maybe they can replace it with something that doesn’t try so hard to look like it’s not trying hard.

  17. divetrash says:

    I do believe you can remove the ? from Doomed? They are done. They have cancelled their New Years Eve event.

  18. willowres says:

    The residents sound like a bunch of complainers, glad I don’t live there. The thought of having to whisper in my own apartment in the evening and having to walk 10 blocks to get a drink or meal (because the last place pulled out) is not appealing.

    Could it be that the closing of this place has harmed property prices there rather than increase them…?

    • beermeagain says:

      Any word about the replacement for west end? Looks like Sammy’s Roadhouse is opening soon.[quote comment=”201597″]The residents sound like a bunch of complainers, glad I don’t live there. The thought of having to whisper in my own apartment in the evening and having to walk 10 blocks to get a drink or meal (because the last place pulled out) is not appealing.Could it be that the closing of this place has harmed property prices there rather than increase them…?[/quote]

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