Mobile Food Vendor Madness!


Non-competing food trucks chased away daily!

Hoboken411 reader “CL” is a bit miffed that some new mobile food trucks are getting hassled constantly…

“I was waiting for my food at The Taco Truck this afternoon, when two Hoboken policemen arrived and said that the Spa Diner owner had complained, again, and told them that they’d have to move the truck. I asked how many times this has happened and they said that they’d lost count. The Cinnamon Snail guy has been similarly harassed by the Spa Diner owner, and has been ticketed because of the Spa complaints.

I think it’s time to organize a boycott of the Spa Diner. The Spa doesn’t even serve Tacos or Vegan food of any type, why does he feel so threatened by a couple of guys who are trying to make an honest living by gving us more choices?”

Poll: What’s your take on the food trucks?

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  1. homeworld says:

    As long as they have whatever permit is required, than whats’ the problem?

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