Bill’s Candy Corner – Revamped

11/12/2008 Update:

Bill’s Candy Corner (7th and Willow) is getting renovated.

Crappy intersection gets a facelift

In a coincidental collision of photography and information – While I was out snapping pictures of this location yesterday – Hoboken411 reader “HobokenPublius” was sending 411 an email about the very exact thing. He spoke with some workers, and they said “a Cafe/Coffee place” and he felt it would be a welcome upgrade to the relatively dumpy and outdated intersection it currently is.

I’m not certain of what the arrangement is – I’m guessing someone new finally bought the place? Anyone have a clue who the new owner is?


Description – Undergoing renovation
Services – Supposedly going to be coffee, etc.
Address – 638 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – Unsure if it will remain the same

See previous image after the jump…

March 2006:

bills corner.JPG

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  1. bornandrazedinhobo says:

    Technically its not Bill’s Corner anymore since an Indian family own it. But on that note back in the 80’s when bill did run it, it was a hotspot for local heavy metal teens who would play arcade games in the back of the store. Bill went on to join the Hoboken Fire Department in like 1989 but I believe still owns the building.

  2. MidnightRacer says:

    [quote comment=”27445″]but I believe still owns the building.[/quote]

    I’m not sure what’s going on with the building ownership. The place was for sale twice in the last 4 years, and I saw a “SOLD” sign twice as well. The price wasn’t bad either.

    Anyhow, the Indian couple who run the store are good people. The woman is very cordial, and the man is quiet, but once you get to know him, he opens up a bit.

    Good place for a quick cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning before catching the bus.

  3. BarbaraR56 says:

    I frequent the store regularly. “Danny” said that his rent is so high, Bill does still own it but had moved out of town some time ago. Many residents frequent the store because it is “one stop” shopping. Another convenience store that opened up about a year ago is located directly across the street from the hospital. It stays open 24/7, very clean, very cordial workers and it literally carries a little bit of everything. 😆

  4. Tama Murden says:

    This place has been for sale, via Fiore (Fiore listings could be a separate thread—how about it, 411?), for at least a decade.

    Kudos to the Bill’s tenants, for their endurance.

    Bill’s has been on the market forever, along with that bizarre place at the NE corner of 4th & Bloomfield—also a long-standing Fiore For Sale. Yellow cellophane on the windows since the late ’80’s & never open for business.

    Prime locations, both.

    What’s the deal?

  5. elainetyger says:

    I don’t know the story on Fiore’s places, but there are some spots in town where a real estate agent or their family or friend owns a building and it’s used as a place to hang a sign and attract calls. Yeah, technically it’s for sale, but every rep in the agency knows that either the person who owns it is impossible to work with, or the price at which they would sell the “palazzo della famiglia” is too high, or maybe there are a ton of restrictions on the place, and you will have to bang a hole right through the wall with your head to get anywhere.

    I could never make rain when I was an agent, and ended up pouring my unpaid time down a hole with most commercial real estate prospects, but there are those agents who can make things happen by using information gleaned on sign calls to steer customers to a property where the agent and the customer could both make money and be happy.

  6. HobokenPublius says:

    walked by yesterday and saw some work going on …the two guys working said its going to be ” cafe,,coffee place” sounds like a nice addition to the street….

  7. KenOn10 says:

    I seem to recall the asking price was $700k which seems kind of high to me, considering the building is only 12 feet wide and doesn’t even have parking. A coffee shop would be good there.

  8. homeworld says:

    I hope it’s as good as Sweet!

  9. Tiger says:

    A cafe would be great there, and a welcomed addition to this part of town (and only three blocks from my place lol)

  10. CreativeAngel says:

    [quote comment=”118379″]I hope it’s as good as Sweet![/quote]

    Sweet’s cupcakes taste way better than they did the first two times I’d been there. Guess third time really is a charm :).

  11. GotFlood says:

    As the guy who just renovated the house right next door, I’m thrilled it’s is finally being cleaned up

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out 😀

  12. kal-el says:

    Im gonna miss his erotic magazines “he had the best” )-:

  13. rag246 says:

    [quote comment=”118407″]Im gonna miss his erotic magazines “he had the best” )-:[/quote]
    I see you’ve already discovered the internet.

    If you look around a little, you just might find a substitute for those magazines. Just maybe.

  14. emarche says:

    And that’s the problem, Rag. It’s too easy these days. Where’s the thrill of getting caught buying a copy of “40+” or even “Juggzz”? Sure, you can find all the ‘plumpers’ you want online, but aside from the ease of access is there really any satisfaction in simply executing a Google search? Kids these days really do have it too easy.


  15. emarche says:

    More eloquently summed up by genius Patton Oswalt:


  16. rag246 says:

    Not my original line, but the internet has pretty much cured me of my interest in porn.

    Or maybe time and experience did that.

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