11/12/2008 Update:

Bill’s Candy Corner (7th and Willow) is getting renovated.

Crappy intersection gets a facelift

In a coincidental collision of photography and information – While I was out snapping pictures of this location yesterday – Hoboken411 reader “HobokenPublius” was sending 411 an email about the very exact thing. He spoke with some workers, and they said “a Cafe/Coffee place” and he felt it would be a welcome upgrade to the relatively dumpy and outdated intersection it currently is.

I’m not certain of what the arrangement is – I’m guessing someone new finally bought the place? Anyone have a clue who the new owner is?


Description – Undergoing renovation
Services – Supposedly going to be coffee, etc.
Address – 638 Willow Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – Unsure if it will remain the same

See previous image after the jump…

March 2006:

bills corner.JPG