Cold Stone Creamery 821

Cold Stone Creamery Hoboken, NJ

Now featuring Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

Description: Ice cream parlor – “Ice cream made to order by blending in mix-ins on a frozen granite stone (the Cold Stone!), and served in a fresh-baked waffle cone.”
Services: Ice cream and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Address: 116 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 222-3233

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  1. BklynHobo says:

    [quote comment=”96831″] I must go now and wipe my mouth as there is cream dripping down my face – I am a happy man! 8)[/quote]


  2. jen123 says:

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about Coldstone. Some people say it’s too sweet and trendy with ice cream that melts too quickly and others are in love with it. Personally I can’t get enough of Coldstone. Every time I go, there is always a huge line so that speaks for itself. Yes it’s a bit pricey and the treats are ridiculously fattening but you only live once, right?

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