You Lucky Dog moving off Washington St. in Hoboken

Five years after opening up at 932 Washington Street, doggie boutique You Lucky Dog is relocating to another location “off Washington,” which will be announced soon.

We wonder if the rents were set to increase – or was it the constant trashing of the roads which led to the decision to move their shop. Who knows, maybe there is another spot in town that isn’t half a block from an already long-time established pet store? We do know this – there are many retail spaces in new “up and coming” areas of the city (especially to the north). Perhaps it’s a sound business decision!

Either way, good luck to, uh, You Lucky Dog on the next chapter.

You Lucky Dog Hoboken NJ Moving off Washington Street

Grooming services at You Lucky Dog in Hoboken

10/13/2011 Update:

A quick update for You Lucky Dog (932 Washington Street).

Owner Danielle has transformed the store quite a bit from when she first opened last year. One noticeable change is that she’s re-structured the layout, and shifted product offerings with less regular food, and more toys, leashes, and a pretty big selection of dog outfits (both functional and decorative / costume). The bakery-style homemade dog snacks are still available.

Additionally, a full-time dog groomer was added on-site. See the You Lucky Dog grooming menu here.

With grooming options like You Lucky Dog, Hoboken Dog Wash (211 4th St.) and Cozy Cuts Grooming (508 5th St.) doing well in this economy, it’s clear that there is a strong love of pooches in the Mile Square!

You Lucky Dog officially open in Hoboken

4/8/2010 Update:

The new dog “boutique” You Lucky Dog (932 Wash) is now pretty much open (officially on Friday, April 9th).

While they carry a few of the items that you already buy at your usual pet store in Hoboken – they seem to be more focused on the specialty products for your four-legged best friend. Products like cutesy t-shirts and organic treats which are kept in a case by the register.

Doggies don’t suffer during the recession


Replacing the doomed Volonte Shoes at 932 Washington Street is “You Lucky Dog,” a place where you can pamper your canine best friend.

Dogs are amazing! Other than guard dogs, seeing-eye dogs, rescue dogs and “show dogs,” a majority of the dog population does NOT work! Yet they have a billion dollar industry just for them. Mind-boggling!

You Lucky Dog Hoboken NJ in the old Volonte Shoes

Description: Pet store, dog supplies, toys, outfits, leashes, dog grooming available
Address: 932 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)653-4004