6/10/2010 Update:

Hoboken Ben & Jerry’s for sale; owners too far…

If you have an extra couple hundred grand ($210,000 to be exact) – you can be the next proud owners of Ben & Jerry’s at 405 Washington Street!

The premium brand-name ice cream shop is up for sale, because despite the owners having relative success running it since 2006, feel that it’s too far away to manage to it’s potential, and want to open something closer to the other businesses they run outside of Hoboken (and near where they live.)

There are 5 years left on the lease, and you wouldn’t even have to pay the franchise fee if you wish to keep it a Ben & Jerry’s. Any takers?

Description – Ice Cream store
Website – www.benjerry.com
Address – 405 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-792-1966

precious metals cost less per ounce.

Ben and Jerrys.JPG