DC’s Tavern

5/17/2007 Update:

dcs-country-night-hoboken.jpgCountry Night- Tonight!

It’s that time again, yes we’re talking about DC’s Tavern Country Night. Come out and enjoy the best in real country music (sorry no Toby Keith or Shania Twain or any of these new so called country acts). Drink some beer and enjoy the music Thursday night at 9PM. Drink $2 cans while listening to some great Hard Country-Outlaw-Honky Tonk-Rockabilly-Bluegrass-Western Swing-Alternative Country and Country Rock. Every third Thursday of the month.

Description – Local dive bar
Website – www.myspace.com/dcstavern
Address – 505 8th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 792-5550

DC exterior.JPG

DC interior.JPG

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  1. monk says:

    [quote comment=”26932″]This place is great – cheap beer, games, free chicken wings and all the guys you could ever want to dance with to the sweet sounds of Gloria Gaynor on a Thursday night.[/quote]

    Never been there when there are free wings, what night is that?

  2. el norte says:

    Right after free beer night.

  3. homeworld says:

    DC’s sucks and is the worst place in the world….

    (I’m hoping people read that and believe it so that it doesn’t get crowded and become ruined)

  4. yellowsubmarine says:

    awesome band playing there tonight—Two Cow Garage—they sound like Drive by truckers

  5. 9 says:

    Where in the hell is a band going to set up at DC’s? My bathroom is bigger than that place. (Love the bar, BTW, just can’t figure out where they find the space for a band.)

  6. CreativeAngel says:

    Think I’d rather go to the place on 1st and Hudson. The Blues-y place.

  7. yellowsubmarine says:

    they’ve had live music there before–i think they set up in the corner–i have this band’s last album–ohio band/cross between uncle tupelo and DBT as i said in my first post 😉

  8. snarkyt says:

    this place is so chill. west side!!!! pbrs in a can, I know it’s like so 2004, but the guys behind the bar make it work. likin the new beers too!

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