14th and Park update

5/16/2007 Update:

CVS opens up on May 21st.


10/6/06 Update:

Just wanted to clarify the mistake of the bank being a Wachovia. It’s going to be a Washington Mutual.

9/19/06 Update:

First, we said there was an Eckerd Pharmacy, Battaglia’s and a second NYSC going here.
Then, Battaglia’s backed out and is moving to 15th and Willow. NYSC still here.

Now, here’s the current lineup:
– CVS Pharmacy is apparently taking that spot instead of Eckerd
– NYSC still there. They’ll have two entrances. An elevator and stairs on 14th St., and a stairwell on Park.
– A Bank is going in this corner spot. I recall a reader indicating it was going to be a Wachovia bank. Correction, as you can see from the comments, that bank is actually going in the Sovereign.

Here’s an old image from many months ago:
14th new construction.JPG

See previous updates below:

Update 9/6/06: NYSC Promoting.
On the corner of 14th and Washington, the new uptown NYSC has a table set up seeking early sign-ups to the new gym facility opening in late November, early December. They’re looking for 500 names, and the first people that sign up prior to the grand opening will get reduced monthly rates. They were unsure of the actual number, but will most certainly be lower than the standard rates. Talk to Bill Russell when they open the location in October for “previews”.

Provide 4 names and numbers and get a free NYSC backpack, water bottle, hat and headphones. Check it out on your way home.


Update 8/14/06: It seems as if Battaglia’s has backed out of this location, and is moving to the old George’s Hardware store on Willow between 14th and 15th. There is still an RKF sign indicating available retail space at the 14th and Park location…


This project is moving along, so here is what is seemingly going into the old Hostess building 14th between Willow and Park:

– An Eckerd Pharmacy
A second Battaglia’s store
– A second NYSC gym on the top floor.

14th new construction.JPG

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29 Comments on "14th and Park update"

9 years 6 months ago

I don’t think this will be a 2nd Battaglia store. I think the one on Washington St. is moving here, and they’ll resume selling furniture store, which they were doing at 2nd and Washington in the space that is now a matress store.

9 years 6 months ago

Battaglia’s eh? That was a great space and they always did say they were coming back. I guess you have a reliable source…

NYSC has been said to occupy this for some time now…

I love the spot, it’s going to add some more character to uptown, esp. 14th st!!

9 years 6 months ago

I am so pissed Battaglia’s is moving back in the ghetto. Even though it is over priced it was so easy to run over and pick something up last minute if you were having people over for dinner. I wish they would stay. They will go out of business back there in a few months. They will not have the day to day foot traffic and will lose all of their ‘impulse buyers’ walking by which I am sure is a huge portion of their business.

9 years 6 months ago

oh wait, my bad. this is going by park? I thought this was going back by the shoprite and the theater area. They will still lose alot of business.