11/22/2010 Update:

Village Pour House makes positive Hoboken impression

Hoboken411 has visited Village Pour House (205 1st St.) a couple times already – and I believe it’s the model of how a bar / restaurant should be run in our city. Positive, uplifting owners who hire capable, friendly staff – and keep their business running in a way that encourages repeat business.

I’ve spent some time at VPH in the past couple weeks, and have to say it’s a refreshing infusion to the existing Hoboken bars & restaurants. So far, we have nothing but good things to say – and pray that it stays that way!

One primary positive about Village Pour House is – that the kitchen is open until 1:00am seven days a week – which is a fantastic option for many residents, couples, and families that have odd hours in town – and don’t want to be restricted to the earlier hours that most establishments keep.

See a very brief video overview of VPH below:


11/10/2010 Update:

Village Pour House Hoboken upgrades First Street

For the past several days, the Village Pour House at 205 First Street in Hoboken has been quietly open.

Big Party Thursday, Officially open on Friday

The 300+ capacity bar/restaurant was ironing out the kinks in preparation for the Grand Opening Party scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, November 11th from 7pm to 10pm. The big gala “RSVP-Only” event will feature celebrities, a load of NYC media outlets (who will be bused in) – and a “red-carpet” too! The bar will be open to the general public after 10pm – and officially open all day and night starting Friday, November 12th.

The Village Pour House features four distinct areas for drinking, dining and socializing, and will have a myriad of events spanning each week. From sports games on the 31 flat-screen TV’s, to dart leauges, beer pong, and even functions for businesses, parents and kids too!

In speaking with owner Mike Sinensky – I was impressed at their dedication to keeping the VPH as a positive attribute to the neighborhood. Part of their security staff will focus on the exterior of the large establishment – keeping any potential crowd noise down – and even ensuring the sidewalks are clean (for the entire length of the block!)

Hopefully they start out strong, and keep the level of service up for a long time. Full Hoboken411 review coming in the next few weeks once they settle in.

10/18/2010 Update:

Village Pour House Hoboken: Menu Preview

Forgot to add this little nugget to the Hoboken Village Pour House update last week!

Take a look at the menu – and share your thoughts! Selection looks good, and prices seem fair – along with a healthy dose of daily specials. Stay tuned to Hoboken411 for more updates!

10/13/2010 Update:

Pour House Hoboken progressing

Some progress photos of the much anticipated pub/restaurant replacement to the old O’Donoghue’s at 205 First Street!

6/1/2010 Update:

Sneak Preview of the Hoboken Village Pourhouse

As many of you know – O’Donoghue’s at 205 First Street bid farewell last week – and will make way for the new Village Pourhouse, which already has downtown residents excited!

Here’s a peek of the layout of the sweet new pub! (click to see larger version)

4/13/2010 Update:

Village Pour House comes to Hoboken

Just updating this entry from January – Village Pour House will be filling the space at 205 First Street now occupied by O’Donoghue’s – who after 25 years in Hoboken, will be calling it quits.


I’ve never been – have you?

Some residents in Hoboken have mentioned to me that a Village Pour House location is slated for the Mile Square.

I haven’t gotten word back from the NYC bar owners – but apparently some employees at one of the locations of said establishment were talking about the Hoboken location.

One, has anyone heard the same thing? And two, do you know where exactly?

I’d think that 11th Street spot at Maxwell Place would make a perfect location!

Village Pour House Hoboken NJ