14th Street Viaduct Project

LED Accent Lights for 14th Street Viaduct in Hoboken

I guess when you pay millions of dollars for infrastructure upgrades – fancy accent lighting is no big deal, and are just a “drop in the bucket.” Although we are big fans of LED lighting, because we feel the ROI is well worth it (more energy efficient too!)

(Note the awesome graffiti in the background to give Hoboken some “Street Cred.”)

14th Street Viaduct Hoboken NJ LED accent lighting

14th Street Viaduct now has basketball courts

11/19/2014 Update:

Here’s the latest update regarding the 14th Street Viaduct in Hoboken. As of tonight – the basketball courts are now open. As you can see, they’re packed with people who love frigid weather. But I’m sure once the next two seasons pass us by, it will see much more usage.

Now if only the city would “wake up” regarding that awesome bowling alley project, we might have something going up here…

viaduct basketball courts now open hoboken nj

Clumsy installation of traffic lights worry residents

8/18/2014 Update:

14th Street traffic lights Hoboken NJ WTF momentAs you know, the 14th Street Viaduct project plagued drivers and residents for the past couple years. And with the roadway opening, the last remaining bits underneath are also nearing complete (we recently asked if it would ever be considered a “destination” in Hoboken….)

However – there is another piece of the puzzle that also deserves attention – as uptown resident Allen mentioned:

“As part of the “rehabilitation” of the 14th street viaduct, the county/city was supposed to coordinate the installation of new traffic signals at both 14th & Willow AND 14th & Park.

Clearly the latter has gone horribly awry.

After final installation of new lights nearly over a month ago, the old standard/lights have been repeatedly knocking against each other in rainstorms/wind, and nearly caused multiple pedestrians and vehicles to scramble into traffic for fear of collapse.

I ask this: Why would the county or city put up these lights and then let the OLD lights remain for weeks on end as the stanchions knock into each other?? Isn’t it just a simple computer turn on? These posts must weigh hundreds of pounds, are RIGHT next to each other and could easily kill a motorist or pedestrian!”

Hmm. I guess the answer would be “more legal bills?”

Viaduct construction leads to traffic signal mayhem in Hoboken NJ

14th Street Viaduct Project nearing completion in Hoboken, NJ

5/19/2014 Update:

14th Street Viaduct Hoboken NJ UpdateWell – after quite a long stretch of closings, detours and general construction “mess,” the 14th Street Viaduct project is getting close to wrapping up. Finishing touches are expected to be done by the end of June or so.

A few items of note:

  • One half of the roadway is “pedestrian use only,” and the other half is one-way vehicular traffic.
  • The county used ridiculously expensive GRANITE curbs, which on the pedestrian side were completely paved to the top with the adjacent cobble-stone pavers. What a vomitous waste of taxpayer bucks.
  • Speaking of the cobblestone, I’m willing to bet that there will be multiple ankle injuries from drunk revelers who can’t maintain their balance.
  • As an after-thought, the county did something good – installed LED accent lighting on the columns. This will add “life” to the area.
  • The city better approve that bowling alley to get built – because the area needs pedestrian presence, since graffiti is already starting to find it’s way on the structure.

Go take a walk over there (during the day) and see for yourself!

Along with 14th Street Viaduct in Hoboken come road repairs too!

11/12/2013 Update:

Nice! Along with the upgraded 14th Street Viaduct, Hudson County is also repairing some heavily trafficked roads – 14th Street, Park Avenue and Willow Avenue.

Hmmm. Maybe Hudson County can be just one big entity? Who needs “cities?” Haha!

Hudson County Road Improvements in Hoboken NJ 14th Street

Hudson County Road Improvements in Hoboken NJ Park Ave

Hudson County Road Improvements in Hoboken NJ Willow Ave

14th Street Viaduct Update in Hoboken, NJ

3/19/2013 Update:

Today’s 14th Street Viaduct update – is actually the Hoboken photo of the day too!

Along with the approved redesign / remediation came the closure of Clinton Street to vehicles. In it’s place would be a “pedestrian tunnel.”

Hoboken 14th St. Viaduct pedestrian tunnel Clinton Street 1

Maybe 14th Street Viaduct pedestrian tunnel not so bad?

Originally when this project was announced, I first thought that this tunnel would be nothing but a breeding ground for trouble (street crime mainly.)

However – I believe my sentiments have changed. As the uptown area slowly starts breathing more life (with buildings like The Edge Lofts, and very popular bars and restaurants like Pilsener Haus & Biergarten, Carpe Diem and San Giuseppe), I think this neighborhood has improved greatly in terms of safety – and it’s only looking brighter.

Hopefully “brighter” also include ample street lighting – as Hoboken is known for having many pockets in town that are quite dark and potentially unsafe (like in various parks, etc.)

Hoboken 14th St. Viaduct pedestrian tunnel Clinton Street 2 long

Hoboken 14th St. Viaduct Update

10/10/2011 Update:

Construction well underway at the 14th Street Viaduct renovation project uptown.

Below are some routine photo updates – including the future issue in town, that Clinton Street will be closed forever. As you can see in the photos, cars are already ignoring the “road closed” sign, and using the Rite Aid parking lot as a thoroughfare. Not the safest thing in the world.

Hopefully, local drivers can use this time as a period to adopt to the traffic change, and be ready when the project is complete in early 2014.

14th St. Viaduct Project in Hoboken officially underway

8/8/2011 Update:

The project to rehabilitate the 14th St. Viaduct “officially” began on August 1st of this year.

Many residents asked me “are they already behind schedule?” in this 900 day project, because they saw no such construction taking place. I spoke with officials about this, and they told me quite a bit of coordination is required before visible work begins. Infrastructure is the main focus, as Verizon, Cablevision, PSE&G, United Water are affected, and other county and state agencies have to be on the same page. Physical work is supposed begin later this month.

Viaduct changes will have profound effect on traffic

If you weren’t paying attention, the biggest impact this rehabilitation project will have (besides the dog run and playing fields on the west end of town), is the blockage of Clinton Street.

Clinton Street is a major thoroughfare in Hoboken, as thousands of drivers a day use this northbound street to exit Hoboken via 15th or 16th Streets. This will now be closed – and no traffic can pass 14th Street (they have to turn around.)

As a result, these vehicles will need find other arteries to head out of town. This will cause higher than normal traffic situations at spots like:

  • 12th Street, Clinton to Willow (which already gets backed up DAILY);
  • 13th Street, Clinton to Adams (expect more motor vehicle accidents due to volume);
  • 11th Street, Clinton to Adams (will be a headache, especially in the mornings on school days);
  • Madison Street in general – as additional cars will frequent this road to exit Hoboken

See renderings below – from East to West:

Why shut down a major road?

While I understand that making more pedestrian-friendly areas in Hoboken is nice, it’s just too bad that a functional road has to be shut down in an already heavily-trafficked city to accommodate.

Was the “community focus group” for this project consisted entirely of people who’ve never driven a car?

Why would you voluntarily institute a road-block in the middle of a busy city? Couldn’t the viaduct just have been satisfactorily repaired / reinforced, without major traffic changes?

You can see more at the dedicated website – www.14thstviaductreplacement.com

14th Street Viaduct rehabilitation starts next year

7/6/2010 Update:

Here’s a complete update to the 14th Street Viaduct entry, including most relevant documents, renderings and facts. When construction begins in 2011, along with the Toll Brothers’ new high-rise project, (and imagine if the Rockefeller plans begin too?) expect uptown Hoboken to be quite “busy” for several years.

Final design for the new 14th Street Viaduct began in early 2009 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2010. Construction is scheduled for early 2011. An estimated $45 million is allocated for construction.

In 2005, a major study began for the 14th Street Viaduct under the Local Scoping Program for replacement with Federal Highway Administration funds. Local Scoping is a very intensive study program that investigates all design alternatives and issues such as traffic, environmental, and others. Three public meetings were held by the County during the scoping phase showing the preliminary design of the new viaduct.

The sufficiency rating for the 14th Street Viaduct is 53.7. It is a relative rating from 0 to 100 of the condition of the structure as determined with a formula from inventory and inspection data. The rating is also used by highway agencies as a means for programming funds for repairs or replacement. With a rating of 53.7, the County is eligible to obtain federal funding for replacement of the viaduct. It is also functionally obsolete due to its substandard underclearances at Clinton and Grand Streets.

The 14th Street Viaduct is classified as structurally deficient due to its overall poor condition from advanced age. Structurally deficient does not mean imminent danger, but monitoring, repairs and/or replacement will be necessary. The Viaduct was originally constructed in 1910 and has undergone a number of rehabilitation projects over the years. In the last twenty years, the County has invested proactively in the repair of the structure including, $9 million in 1990, $48,944 in 1998 and $877,359.50 in 2002.

14th Street Viaduct meeting tomorrow…


14th Street Viaduct Rehabilitation Project Hoboken NJ Meeting

Future Hoboken traffic headaches in store

The “bridge” or viaduct that connects Hoboken with Jersey City Heights and Union City is set to undergo some significant changes in the future. The crumbling and unsafe elevated roadway is expected to be strengthened and repaired – and made one lane wider (why? is traffic that bad on it?).

Since it’s a Hudson County road, they’re being courteous to residents and having an informational meeting at 7pm tomorrow night at the Elks Lodge at 10th and Washington Streets. You can see fancy renderings, hear about the future traffic inconveniences (i.e., the foot of the viaduct at 14th street will be severely impacted with traffic and diversions for the life of the project).

Five or more city Council people will be in attendance, so this is a meeting that requires “public notice” according to state law. Other Zimmer-appointed campaign contributors directors will run the show to stutter and stammer about what we have in store once the project commences.

Last I heard, the extra lane will be on the southbound side, and some sort of ridiculous “under bridge park space” will be included as part of the renovation. Sound a bit to me like the useless ShopRite Park that no one except the local bums like utilize. “Hey honey – let’s get the picnic basket and enjoy a peaceful day with Junior underneath the shoddy viaduct near Shanty Town!”

See the City Press Release Here.

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6 years 25 days ago

Speaking “under bridge” space… Patrons of the Clearview theater park under the viaduct. There aren’t any signs specifically permitting or prohibiting such parking, other than the taxi stand sign. Anyone have any ideas on the legality of parking there?

6 years 25 days ago

Don’t quite understand the tone of paragraphs 3 & 4. What “should” be under the new bridge?

6 years 25 days ago

My that is rather foolish to demean anything they are doing as an improvement. I believe the sum being spent is nearly 20 million. After it is cleared underneath wouldn’t it be a pleasant place for benches—–or to walk your dog—-to sit before or after a movie—-perhaps to play chess or checkers, as in Washington Sq NYC—I heard there may be a basketball court! ——The 1939 viaduct had a wider sidewalk which was eliminated by the improvemnts made in the 80’s to widen the roadway. I saw every day of it. I suspect they now want to improve the roadway… Read more »

6 years 25 days ago

I drove from weehawken to LAG daily, I would go over the 59 th st bridge through various streets to a street that ran under and next to the triboro brige. They had playgrounds, bocci courts , basketball courts and empty playing areas all under the bridge. Granted it was a bigger area but I’m sure something could be done.

6 years 24 days ago

We need every inch of active recreactional space we can get. See ya at the meeting tonight.

6 years 24 days ago

That’s the spirit! Why the negativity?

In response to truth1 who said:
We need every inch of active recreactional space we can get. See ya at the meeting tonight.