Bagels On The Hudson reopens in Hoboken {with style}

Close to four months after closing for renovations – Bagels on The Hudson at 802 Washington Street re-opened, and had their first full day yesterday.

They said everything was for the most part “the same,” except now they have “more of it.”

The interior is definitely a big improvement over the previous iteration. As for the bagels? We don’t do high-density carbs anymore – so you’ll have to be the judge in regards to the quality. Either way – nice to see them spruce the place up!

bagels on the hudson reopens in Hoboken NJ 1

Interior upgrade as Bagels on the Hudson reopens October 2014 Hoboken NJ

Description: Bagels & Deli, Breakfast, Bagels, coffee, sandwiches
Address: 802 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 798-2221

Bagels on the Hudson renovating in Hoboken

7/9/2014 Update:

Many folks have asked in Hoboken Bagels on the Hudson was in trouble, due to the brown-papered windows. Well – good news, carb-lovers! Bagels on the Hudson is in the midst of renovations!

Currently in the “deconstruction” phase, it could be at least a couple months before they re-open. Maybe sooner, depending on how well the whole permit / inspection / approval process goes. That waste of everyone’s time government process has been known to break been difficult for some businesses in the past.

It’s nice to see this local shop get refreshed for 2014!

Bagels on the Hudson Hoboken NJ renovating brown papered windows

Bagels on the hudson Hoboken nj renovation 2014

Uptown location as pictured in 2006:

bagels on the hudson.JPG

The Bagels on the Hudson Downtown location (at 79 Hudson Street) closed MANY years ago. It’s a Clem’s Cheesesteak place now (summer 2014):

Bagels on the Hudson downtown.JPG