Landmark Coffee: Gone

11/1/2010 Update:

After 17 years in Hoboken, Landmark Coffee shuts down

This past Friday marked the last time Landmark Coffee served their delicious coffee to Hoboken residents.

Hoboken411 reader Pete said “Thanks to Starbucks and their 500 locations around Hoboken – it’s such a comforting sight to see the same thing everywhere…”

While reader Lynda elaborated: “After more than 15 years Bobbie closed Landmark Coffee on Friday. Closed I suspect due to a combination of increasing rent and a bad economy. For those of us who appreciate the personal touch with our coffee she will be missed. There are no other downtown coffee shops who provide her kind of service. Once you were a regular she knew what kind of beverage you wanted and what you might want with it. If you came in with your children she always had a little treat for them. She also welcomed dogs (well behaved ones) with a dog biscuit. She trained dozens of young people (mostly college kids) in how to provide good customer service; some, who came back to visit, told me that those skills helped them after college in their own careers. Last but certainly not least what can you say about Beverly Hans, always with a smile or a joke, even at 6am.

Farewell Bobbie and team. You will be missed.”

Description: Coffee Bar, Pastries, Espresso, Tea Closed as of November 2010.
Address: 88 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5617
Telephone: (201) 222-8400

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11 Comments on "Landmark Coffee: Gone"

8 years 2 months ago

This is the best coffee place in Hoboken. Please don’t be tempted to walk to the opposite corner and go into Starbucks. The coffee is great – very fresh and lots of daily flavored varieties (both hot and iced). It’s the little things that make it, though – they’ll add hot milk if you want it, they have liquid sugar for your iced drinks, they have some homemade recipes for mixed coffee drinks that you won’t find anywhere else, etc.

8 years 2 months ago

My dad and stepmom came in from Seattle and loved this place.
No starbucks for the! :mrgreen:

7 years 7 months ago

I went in there this morning and had forgotten how much I love this place. Great coffee, friendy staff and awesome flavored coffee. I love that they had pumpkin spice coffee in the summer and that it was actually hot, not lukewam like other places serve it. I’ll be going in her regularly now.

7 years 7 months ago

i gave this place a shot a few weeks back and was VERY surprised. the prices are off the wall. and i’m talking for regular coffee. i’m not a huge fan of starbucks for regular coffee either – i go there for an occassional cap or latte – but this place makes starbucks look cheap. i forget what the exact price was but a got a miniscule size cup of coffee – probably 10oz but it’s not inconceivable it was only 8 – and it cost something like $1 and a lot of change. Even starbucks will give you more… Read more »

7 years 7 months ago

i realized yesterday that Mola or whatever it became is closed…and the place next to it.
Sad…but i cant help thinking that if he opened on Sunday and didnt let everyone use it as daycare or an office while buying one cup of coffee he may still be open

I hope Landmark and Empire escape the same fate. I’m giving all my java-swilling business to them unless i go to work before 7am