Empire Coffee & Tea Co.

Coffee & Tea

Description – Coffee & Tea store selling gourmet coffee from a roaster and retailer in New York.
Services – Coffee Grinds, Gourmet coffee, decaf, Roasts, Italian roast coffee for espressos, Flavored coffees, Wholesale coffee, Teas, Espresso drinks, coffee filters, grinders , coffee & Tea accessories, Gifts & Gourmet Gift baskets, loose teas, sweets, history of coffee and a complete buying guide to coffee stuff. Delivery
Website – www.empirecoffeetea.com
Address –
338 Bloomfield St., Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4738
Telephone – (201) 216-9625,(800) 262 5908 for delivery
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21 Comments on "Empire Coffee & Tea Co."

9 years 8 days ago

I just discovered this place on my way to work. Love it. There is a british girl behind the counter. Even better. Anyone know if she owns it?

The woman i work with is also british and lives in Hoboken. Do a lot of Brits residing here or just coincidence?

anyway—good spot

9 years 8 days ago

Yes, I love the coffee there.

9 years 7 days ago

They have very nice people working there.

It is owned by an American woman, I think. Her name is Abby (Abbey?) Rivers and is a local musician. There is also an Empire in the city.

Excellent coffee for years. They were on Washington before the mass exodus of local businesses in search of reasonable rents.

8 years 10 months ago

I love this place. Its my favorite place to get coffee.

8 years 10 months ago

My girlfriend went in here and almost stayed all night. If you like coffee, tea and their accessories, you’ll love it here. The people are very nice.