Legal Beans – Gone

Legal Beans closes “brick and mortar” in Hoboken, NJ {still delivers}

Well, it looks like being on the “doomed corner” of Newark & Garden finally did it in for Legal Beans, who closed shop for good – even after successfully re-opening after Hurricane Sandy – and expanding into the tasty BBQ business.

Note that Legal Beans has locations in Jersey City – and will continue servicing Hoboken with food delivery.

I think the only business that might be able to survive on this drenched corner would be a place like the Hoboken Dive Center.

Legal Beans Hoboken NJ BBQ doomed - Copy

legal beans closed in Hoboken NJ - Copy

Description: Cafe serving Coffee and espresso drinks, American cuisine, BBQ, baked goods, breakfast For rent. But you can still order delivery to Hoboken from Jersey City. (Every day but Tuesday).
Address: 86 Garden St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 533-8484

strong>Updated May 2006. See below for mini-review!


legal beans.JPG

legal beans1.JPG

Quick review:Saturday afternoon in Hoboken. Beautiful day, clear and sunny. Wanted to eat outside somewhere in the sun, that wasn’t too crowded. The places on Washington Street were pretty much full.

Legal Beans was a great choice, because not only was is not overflowing, it has excellent exposure to the sun.

This is what the inside looks like in case you’re interested:
legal beans inside2.JPG

We had heard good things about this place, the salads and the value, so it made sense!

They don’t sell alcohol, but do allow you to bring your own wine or beer. Daniels Liquor is conveniently located directly across the street.

Our waiter, Manny, was nice enough to bring a bucket of ice to keep the Corona’s chilled.

I chose the typical “first time there” meal, the Legal Beans Angus Burger. It came with bacon and topped with muenster cheese. A small side of tuna macaroni salad as well.

legal beans burger.JPG

I cut the burger in half and realized it was very hard to handle. Not only that, but TWO patties were on there! (was that a mistake?)

Although it was a nightmare to eat, it was quite tasty, even though it wasn’t cooked as I requested. I’ll remember next time to be a bit more specific.

We also ordered a side of “Legal beans battered onion rings.” They were cooked perfectly and didn’t slide out of the breading like most commercial onion rings. The side of buffalo-ish tangy sauce was interesting.

legal beans onion rings.JPG

She ordered a standard Chef’s salad, with a very interesting dressing. I forget what it was supposed to be, some kind of italian mango something.. it had a smoky taste to me, but was quite satisfying.

legal beans chef salad 2.JPG

Total cost for the meal was $18 (plus the corona’s for $8)… very economical.

I’ve been back a few times since this review, and had other things, such as the Buffalo chicken sandwich, which wasn’t what I expected (perhaps I didn’t read the menu well), but was still good.

The fries are acceptable as well.

I was craving some kind of carrot cake concoction, but they didn’t have. Other little cup-cakes like corn and pistachio were available.

The coffee is delicious and fairly priced. The staff has always been helpful and friendly.

legal beans inside.JPG

I think finally a business will stay open for the long-term. They’ve got the right formula and attitude. I’ll be back again for sure!

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9 years 9 months ago

Good food, great espresso drinks.
Service could use some professionalism,
I heard the owner yelling at his wife at the espresso bar.
@ brunch it is very crowded so expect to take a walk around town before a table opens up.
But the saving grace is that the food is excellent for the price, try a salad, they are healthy and hearty.

Frank Sinatra
9 years 9 months ago

The service at this place is terrible.

9 years 8 months ago

I agree with the comment that the service is terrible. I love their food, so I usually eat here at least once or twice a week. Brunch is great, and the burgers and fries are not bad at all. Servers, however, have some trouble remembering what you have ordered, forget to bring you utensils, and I have seen them drop plates many times (!). With that said though, the owners are extremely friendly and recognize you all the time, and if they are the ones serving usually I have no problem with the service. Their coffee is excellent, if you… Read more »