12/31/2009 Update:

In case you’re wondering why the’re no fireworks on Bloomfield St. this year!

The run is over, family went separate ways

“I’m sorry to say that after 40+ years at 6th and Bloomfield, my family sold their house and went their separate ways. While my uncle and cousins still live in uptown Hoboken, my parents are a stone’s throw from the eorge Washington Bridge now. So there will be no fireworks again this year, and not for the foreseeable future.

The “Bloomfield Fireworks” were, naturally, a huge part of my life for over 25 years. Inspired by my grandfather, we kept on the tradition after his death, but in the end it seemed to get more and more problematic. I didn’t even attend the last 6 or 7 New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Nevertheless, I am very proud of what my family accomplished every year and never tired of hearing, for example, that my aunt was getting her hair done at a salon in Union City and overheard two women telling a friend how they go to Hoboken every NYE to see “this family’s fireworks in the street.” Or how many people would walk up to me as I was lighting a Class C mortar to tell me, “We live in Seattle (or Chicago, or Los Angeles), and we were visiting friends here last year and we came back just to see this!”

A few scorched doors or cars notwithstanding, we never had a serious injury… nothing that would require more than a band-aid, really. While it may have looked like pure bedlam out there, we had years and years of experience and knew what we were doing. Unfortunately the appearance of “anything goes” led a lot of less experienced people to think they could jump in and things got hairy at the end.

In any case, thanks for your good words on Hoboken411 and have a Happy and Safe New Year!

John C.”


Hoboken New Year’s Eve 2009 – your plans?

Each year I go through the same ritual – which is trying not to think of the somewhat “forced” party most of the nation goes through each and every New Year’s Eve. However, the global celebration of the new year (which represents the earth traveling around the sun one revolution) can mean many things to many people, the sense of the community gathering for a common milestone, reflection on the year that passed, and “turning the page” and looking forward to a bright new year to come. Or in other instances, just another excuse to party!

Hoboken New Years Eve 2009 2010 NJ

Instead of breaking party options here in Hoboken down to cost, what is included and hours of open bar, I’ll give you a little advice instead: Pick a place you like, regardless of cost. Would you lean towards a place just because it’s a few bucks less? If you’re that cheap on the so-called biggest amateur party night of the year – then you might as well drink bottom shelf booze at home!

So rather that give you a complicated list – I’ll keep it simple. Costly (but all inclusive), Moderate (perhaps a cover charge), and BAU (business as usual, cash bar) – Plus some dinner “seatings” at various restaurants earlier in the evening. Choose somewhere you like, grab a good group of friends and have a good night celebrating!

Costly / Premium (all inclusive)

Typically includes open bar for 4 to 6 hours, food, party favors, DJ, etc. Costs can range from $55 all the way to $150+ per person

10th & Willow ($120), 340 Grill ($130), Black Bear (From $85-$95), Brass Rail ($75), Carpe Diem ($85 – six hour open bar), Chandelier Room at W Hotel (from $125-$175), Clinton Social ($100), Dubliner (From $80-$85), Gaslight ($55), Hoboken Bar & Grill ($100), Lounge 11 (From $100 – $1200!), LUA (Private lounge $90 – 20 person minimum), Madison Bar ($110), McMahon’s (From $55-$70), Mikie Squared ($75), NINE (From $75-$150), Oddfellow’s ($80), O’Donoghues (From $60-$70), Quay’s ($120), Rogo’s ($80-$95), Texas Arizona ($75), Three A’s (call – I think $95), Trinity ($65), Whiskey Bar (From $65-$75), Willie McBride’s ($90)

Moderate (cover charge + cash bar)

Hobson’s ($10), O’Donoghues ($20), Onieal’s ($20), Shannon (Cover only after 10pm), Trinity ($20), Whiskey Bar (From $25-$35)

Business as usual (cash bar)

City Bistro, Farside, Liberty Bar, LUA, McSwiggan’s, Nag’s Head

Dinner options

Multiple seating options, call for more info
Amanda’s (from $25 – $150, depending on seating time), Brass Rail (From $65-$100), Clinton Social ($55), Dino & Harry’s (Regular Menu – call to reserve), Gaslight (From $35-$55), LUA (from $55-$75 plus bevs, or $125 with open bar too), Madison ($65), Teak (From $69-$79), Trinity ($40), Zylo Steakhouse (From $75-$100)

Will the Bloomfield fireworks get revived?

Ever since I posted the first Bloomfield Street Fireworks from 2006, there have been no more! With the new Mayor now in office, do you think they’ll try and sneak it under the radar? Gosh, that was fun! (some cool action around 4:15…)