The Hoboken Yogurt Triangle

Who saw this yogurt surge coming in Hoboken? Is yogurt such a big item these days? Especially “self-serve” yogurt by the ounce?

Wild Ginger Self Serve Yogurt Hoboken NJ 2

Just this year, we’ve had THREE new yogurt options in Hoboken. First, Koa Koa self-serve yogurt opens up at 410 Washington Street. Then, OYO Organic self-serve yogurt starts construction (now open at 517 Washington Street). Then Asian restaurant Wild Ginger (518 Wash) enters the fray with low-ball prices too! 16 cents less per ounce!

Seems like there’s some fierce yogurt competition in midtown Hoboken!

Have you tried all three? Who’s the leader? Is three self-serve frozen yogurts enough for the yogurt craving zombies of Hoboken?

The Hoboken Frozen Self Serve Yogurt Triangle NJ