Hudson Tavern (old Lady Jane’s)

Hudson Tavern Hoboken NJ

7/25/2008 Update:

In case you might have missed it, Hudson Tavern was recently featured in the NY Times!

hoboken-new-york-times-hudson-tavern-good-review.gifThe relatively new bar/restaurant received a “good” review. Some of the highlights:

  • “An ample, well-marbled slab of rib-eye steak from the dependable supplier J. Vrola Inc. of South Amboy, accurately grilled and accompanied by a rich red-wine demi-glace. Scalloped potatoes with a blistered topping of Cheddar and Parmesan cheeses push the dish into a blissful zone in which you’ll feel well marbled, at least for the night.”
  • “They’ll enjoy appetizers like crab cake — mostly crab, hardly any bread-crumb filler, with a bonus of Parmesan-and-herb risotto — and fried calamari. Both dishes benefit from a tart, spicy chipotle rémoulade.”

Some of the selections the reviewer didn’t particularly enjoy were: The grouper, which was overly salty, and the macaroni & cheese, which seemed to let them down slightly.

Overall, the review at least made me want to try the rib-eye steak. Who woulda thunk you could get a good steak in Hoboken?


See simple initial review, as well as some photos from opening week after the jump.

January 2008 Burger Review


I was treated to a free dinner last week (due to my $10/day challenge) and Hudson Tavern was the venue of choice.

We went on a Saturday, and the placed was packed to the gills. Luckily, we were immediately seated in a booth on the 14th St. side of the bar. There was a wait afterward. This is one thing you should keep in mind when deciding to eat there. If you’re looking to have some kind of conversation at dinner, the seating around the bar area (at peak time) may not be the best bet. It was very loud, and often patrons who were 2-3-4 deep at this corner of the bar, would practically be hovering over our table. Luckily, they have have an entire dining room on the south side of the restaurant that will open in 2008, and effectively double the size of the joint.

Wait staff was fine, and we put our orders in without complaints. Bread & butter was also served (olive oil if you request it.) For today’s dinner, a cheese plate, some Maple Wings, and three burgers were ordered.

Wings were very good. They’re called “maple wings,” but didn’t have distinct maple flavor, more a slightly sweet taste and.. just a hint of hot sauce. Fell off the bone, juicy and crispy. Recommended.


Cheese plate (lost the picture) was pretty good, but a little light on the cheese. Grapes, strawberries and some bread accompanied the cheese. They said they were out of the normal cheeses. I forget which kinds there were, but there was a Spanish cheese that was quite nice. Hard like a provolone, with a smooth texture. The rest of the cheeses weren’t my favorites (bleu cheese and some kind of brie)

Burgers were a hit. Very large portions (10oz.) Everyone took a doggie bag home (Oscar got none, however.) Fries were of the thin-cut variety. I recommended earlier that extra toppings were not necessary. I had ordered bacon and swiss, which had to be removed because it made handling difficult. Otherwise cooked perfectly to order. Job well done.

The owners said they’re welcome to feedback, and will take all constructive criticism to make their dishes better. So feel free to express yourself if you choose to eat there.

Will be back sometime soon to try other items off the menu.


Stopped by Hudson Tavern again a few days ago. The neon sign is complete. Looks great! See the image browser below of some of the people that were there.



The owners of Hudson Tavern had a “friends and family” event last night. I stopped by for a few minutes to taste some drinks along with some samples of the menu. The “official” grand opening is Thursday, December 6th. Be sure to come uptown to check out this much-welcome bar/restaurant alternative in Hoboken.

Initial observations:

Venue is well done! Warm styling and excellent woodwork and construction. Comfortable bar stools and chairs. Corner location with large windows give it a nice open feel. Good wine selection, as well as rarely seen tap beers (such as Chimay and Arrogant Bastard). Friendly staff.


I got an opportunity to sample two food items presented. The Mac & Cheese appetizer (with ham and portabello mushrooms-nice!), and a vegetable lasagna (may not be on the menu). Both were very tasty.

They plan to expand the second dining room early next year, which will effectively double the existing space. Currently, the layout is configured with a large bar and some surrounding tables in the main room, and a smaller dining room to the west, with some couches for lounging. Exterior signs are expected in the coming weeks.

I can’t wait to give their burger a first review in a week or two!




Opening at the end of October didn’t happen, but they now hope to be open within the next two weeks. Uptown residents will be happy once it does.

10/18/2007 update:

Hudson Tavern is getting very close to opening. Spoke with two of the owners recently, Geoff and Bubba. The place is shaping up very nicely, and the decor is nicely low-key and unpretentious. The aesthetic color combination of dark brown & muted tan already made me feel at ease, despite not being completed yet. The original Lady Jane’s Booths still remain (re-finished) and 1/2 of the original bar as well. They’ll have 12 tap beers (8 standard and 4 special/seasonal).

Expect (hope) for them to be opening near the end of the month. More info to come soon.

9/11/2007 Update:

Been well over a year since any updates, and after ownership had changed hands a bit, that the new place (renamed “Hudson Tavern”) is creeping closer to opening. Quite possibly even this month. Hudson Tavern’s website is still under construction.

I’ll be glad when it does finally open. It’d be nice to have some life in that corner once again.

Lady Janes corner.JPG

Seems like they’re finally making some progress on the re-vamped Lady Jane’s. Work has been picking up, and they should be open in the next month or two.

Description: Bar / Restaurant. Large bar area.
Address: 51 14th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-798-1117

(old pic)
Lady Janes inside.JPG

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9 years 7 months ago

Who’s going to run this???

9 years 5 months ago

What the update on this?

9 years 5 months ago

I believe it is the owners of Madison’s and the now closed Jefferson that will run/own it. It does not seem to be making any progress at all though

9 years 26 days ago

What’s the scoop? Tremendous potential here.