Prime Time Convenience

What an immaculate store! Note the sign. You can only buy one cigarette.

Description: A 24/7 convenience store operated by OCD owners. Friggin amazingly clean!
Address: 305 Willow Ave.
Phone: 201-222-3313 (who calls a convenience store?)

prime time outside.JPG
prime time inside.JPG

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  1. JeniGump says:

    Great store, just got back from there for a midnight cig run. The guy behind the counter was psyched to see the store on the internet. I wish I could remember how to spell his name so I could give him a shout out.

  2. manolo says:

    wow they sell loosies! that is so 60’s!

  3. hobokenhottie1 says:

    what used to be here???

  4. frink says:

    the small drug store, which moved to the old flower shop.

  5. hobokenhottie1 says:

    ohhh, ok. good to know. there are really no good clean bodega’s around me.

  6. frink says:

    yeah, plus it’s open 24 hours, that’s pretty darn rare in town outside of gas stations. we’ll see how long that lasts, hope it does, but I’m not sure they will have enough business.

  7. hobokenhottie1 says:

    yes, it’s great and let’s pray it lasts (but i doubt it too).

  8. hoboken411 says:

    Convenience stores really never go out of business. The lady was nice too, I bought a pack of smokes and she gave me a lighter as a “welcome gift”.

  9. hobokenhottie1 says:

    did she give you the free lighter before or after you mention you run the coolest website in hoboken?

  10. JeniGump says:

    I got a free lighter from the kid when I got my smokes also. As I said before I showed him this places review on the site cause he had his lappy with him. I was one step ahead of the both of you.

  11. eskimo says:

    Is this run by the same family that owns Jarvis on Washington (next to It’s Greek to Me)? I know they were opening a new store in town, and if memory serves me right it was going to be on Willow…

  12. Kingfox says:

    Walked by the place a few times, but didn’t even notice it until friends told me about it. Didn’t even believe them that there was a 24 hour place at first.

    Every time I’ve been in there the place has been absolutely spotless, as described. The cashiers are friendly, even if they were just dealing with an angry gang of underage smokers upset at being carded.

  13. JeniGump says:

    I think it might still be owned by the pharmacy that moved into St. Mary’s flowers. I’ll ask when I go there next. Pharmacy owners might explain the tidyness.

  14. JHoboken says:

    The fact that they are near the hospital should work well for them. Hospital, 24 hours – kind of goes together. They should sell lots of cigs too. Lots of smokers at hospitals. It always amazes me that after years of signage we still find it necssary to advertise that a convenience store will have cigs, candy, ice cream, sodas, coffee, magazines, etc. Someone should get creative and put, like, Condoms, Gum, Peanut Butter, Other Stuff, too. Kudos on the cleanliness. Love a clean store.

  15. memyselfandi says:

    I’m so happy this place opened. I live a block away and always said we need one in this part of town…I’m so happy it here…I always get a free lighter with my cigs….I love this place good look and don’t leave us down town people…..

  16. noone says:

    i love this place too… it’s so clean and organized. just hope it does not turn into another filty bodega over time.

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