Hoboken411 reader Anne noticed yesterday that the chain sub shop Quizno’s had suddenly shut down!

What’s next?


What? How Come? So suddenly?

“Closed! The inside was dark at 2:00 pm Wednesday, door locked, there’s a really big sign on the front door and another on the window that says, “Retail Space Available” with contact info. Some of the interior Quiznos decor appeared to have been removed.

I just called the non-emergency # for the Hoboken PD and asked if the closing was due to a break in/robbery, and the officer said no, he had not heard anything about any robbery or that Quiznos had closed at all. (I thought that was odd because the store is a stone’s throw from the Police Station on Hudson, I have seen many officers eating in there at lunch.)

I know Quiznos is a franchise, and lately there were some issues with corporate and the franchisees, but nothing serious enough that it could be directly attriubted to this location closing abruptly. I went there regularily for the past 2 years, and if anything, the store was busier recently than in the past. (Usually stores that go out of business have a drop off in customers, quality, etc, first indicating a problem.) I didn’t notice any such issues at Quiznos recently. Link to their corportate update.

I looked on the net, and I couldn’t find any articles or any blog postings talking about what happened at all.

Have you heard anything?


artery clogging “sauces”

Description – Fast Food
Services – subs, sandwiches, soup
Website – www.quiznos.com
Address – 100 Hudson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-656-2280