One of the pleasurable things that happens in Hoboken on a weekend like the one that just ended was the peace and quiet that existed!

Parking spots. No lines at the bars or restaurants. Not over-crowded at all.

Don't get me wrong, there were still people out, roof-top parties to be had, and the same amount of fun; but just easier to manage. NYC was incredibly nice and quiet as well, even though it was Fleet Week too!

But look at this shot of Washington Street at 2:30 on Saturday. It was freaky:
Hoboken ghost town memorial day.JPG

There were seats available at the outdoor bars. Here's a Husky laying in a pile of ice at Farside. Looked like a fun place to chill:
Farside Ice dog.JPG

Still people came out. The parks and piers had plenty of people who were enjoying the weather.
pier a memorial day.JPG

One thing is that the buzz seemed to die down the minute you wandered off Washington. Take a look at Anthony David's during lunch:
Anthony Davids empty memorial day.JPG

I for one, hope that it stays like this for the remainder of the summer. I highly doubt it, as this was indeed a holiday weekend as well.

We'll report back to see what it's like during the upcoming weekends.

What was your experience this weekend?