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9/21/2007 Update:

Mr. Wraps continues to confuse the neighborhood. While their food is terrific, I can’t tell whether they’re coming or going, Chicken or Grill, Wraps or whatever. Park Ave. Grill will be closing in a few days (they sold the business- next business TBD), and taking the Mr. Wraps operation back to the old location (where it had just turned into “Mr. Wraps Chicken” for a couple days). No Grilled Chicken, but they’ll have wraps and FRIED chicken… UGH.

Let me try to sum it up:

  1. Mr. Wraps had a nice place on 8th and Garden. Delicious wraps, etc.
  2. They shut that place down, open up “Park Ave. Grill”.
  3. Had identity issues with Park Ave. Grill, then added the “Mr. Wraps” banner to the front railing.
  4. They then covered the Park Ave. Grill logo with the “Mr. Wraps” banner.
  5. They open and begin selling what was great grilled/fried chicken at the NEW Mr. Wraps Chicken Store (See what would have been Mr. Wraps Chicken Menu here – PDF)
  6. Mr. Wraps Chicken now closed. Park Ave. Grill is sold. That will close in a few days.
  7. Mr. Wraps is moving back to 8th & Garden. Will incorporate SOME of the previous Mr. Wraps Chicken in the menu. Will re-open in a few weeks.
  8. Park Ave. Grill location (Mr. Wraps) will have new owners and a new name, etc.



Mr. Wraps combined locations at Park Avenue Grill. I guess he didn’t wrap up good grades in business school? Or finally someone knocked some sense into him.

Still think the sandwiches are good. I heard he’s selling meat slicers and stuff. Get them quick!

See below for hot summer afternoon lunch break review.

Description – Fast food counter – Wraps of all kinds.
Services – Wraps – Hot, Cold, Mexican. Sandwiches, Breakfast wraps, Soups, Salads, Hamburgers, quesadillas, taco Catering
Address – 741 Garden St., 746 Park Ave., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 386-3200, Fax – 2013863291

mr wraps.JPG

June 2006

This review wasn’t because we were hungry for Mr. Wraps, it was instead because it was the last restaurant left to review before the end of June that paid us bonus miles using the Continental Airlines credit card.

Regardless, it’s one of our favorites.

The interior of Mr. Wraps is pretty typical of a joint like this. Counter. Cooler. Rack of chips. The signs were easy to read, but overwhelming for most Libras. It seemed like 1000 choices.

Mr Wraps inside.JPG

We chose to sit outside, where five or six round plastic furniture arrangements with umbrellas awaited us. I think the weight limit of the seating is approximately 250 lbs. So keep that in mind if you’re a massive tub.

Mr Wraps outside.JPG

Inquiring within, I wanted to know what the “#1 customer favorite wrap” was. No longer am I going to review only what I’m hungry for.

This time it was: BBQ Chicken with yellow rice and carmelized onions. Each half of the wrap weighed at least 1/2 a pound. Overall, the chicken was well-prepared and juicy. Very gratifying. Way too much to consume in one sitting. The little side of macaroni salad is excellent.

Mr Wraps bbq chicken.JPG

Dining companion chose a basic roast beef sub. I’ve always sweared by their roast beef (Thumann’s I believe). She wanted it more rare, but she still enjoyed the sandwich very much.

Mr wraps roast beef.JPG

I’ve eaten at Mr. Wraps many times, and have always had a palatable meal. Although MANY times, they’ve screwed up the order and didn’t deliver as I requested. SO BE SPECIFIC AND REPETITIVE if you really want the items you order to be correct. To say that again, BE SPECIFIC AND REPETITIVE if you really want the items you order to be correct.

All in all, Mr. Wraps is a staple sandwich shop in Hoboken that we’ll eat at regularly.

Stay tuned for further sandwich reviews. Might want to try their mexican selection next time.

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9 years 7 months ago

I stopped here tonight to get a wrap–very good, good service and good food!– Nice quick bit for dinner and cheap.

9 years 7 months ago

I can’t believe their sign has a punctuation/grammar error in their own freaking name. Mr. “Wrap’s”…..what?

9 years 7 months ago

Ah, never mind. Now I see on the sign that their full name is “Mr. Wrap’s American Bistro”, so Wrap is singular, and hence the possessive is appropriate.

9 years 7 months ago

Delicious food! I love to wrap my lips around their sausage.

9 years 7 months ago

Hey I did’nt know confusion/indecisiveness is a Libran characteristic?!?
Sounds just like me…Yep I’m a Libra alright!

I’ve never tried Mr. Wraps..but is sounds good, I too like the idea of the macaroni salad side..
The wrap doesnt look massive as you say..but maybe it’s the angle of it in the photo?