Hoboken McDonald’s – 234 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ

The Hoboken McDonald’s, as most of you know – has been closed and under renovation for the past couple months. They’ll be opening soon with a fresh new look. What do you think of the new style?

I think it’s OK, and probably blends better with the rest of the neighborhood.

McDonalds Makeover in Hoboken NJ

McDonald’s $1 Billion dollar franchise McMakeover

This is part of the largest food franchise in the world’s $1 billion dollar effort to “revamp” a majority of the 14,000 locations in America with a new bold, fresh “look.” The stand-alone locations are modeled slightly different, maintaining much of the “yellow” that Mickey D’s is known for, while urban locations have gotten a more edgy “city” look.

But gone are the fiberglass seating and fluorescent lighting, replaced with modern wooden tables, more comfortable seating (probably to accommodate fat diabetics), and traditional lighting.

The Hoboken location likely cost upward of $1 million, with the franchise kicking in 40%.

McDonald’s hopes to have most of the restaurants in America complete by 2015. They forecast an increase in sales of 6% to 7% because of the renovations.

It should be noted that the food was NOT renovated in a positive way as part of this endeavor. And most likely contains more genetically modified and engineered products designed to get you hooked on medications for the rest of your life. (Don’t shoot the messenger, please. Facts are facts!)

In case you know someone who’d like a job – they’re hiring as well. You can apply online here: www.mcdonalds.com/careers. Helpful tip: They say “if no internet call 201-954-0565.” This will guarantee that you will NOT get the job, because having the internet is probably a pre-requisite. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

McDonalds in Hoboken NJ now hiring

Description: Fast Food. Everyone on planet earth has heard of them.
Website: www.mcdonalds.com
Address: 234 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 659-9612

Hoboken McDonald’s back in 2006

Hoboken McDonald's